I understand that you are excited to take your first off-roading trip but have you ever thought of how you can be ready enough? Off-roading planning sure does tickle your excitement but preparing the most essential gears on your truck should be done first. Nobody would want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere where help is less expected. Below are Jeep accessories recommended by several off-road enthusiast to load in your truck as you take part in any off-road adventure. If you don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, this is a must read one before you drive away.

Matching Size Spare Tire

Making sure that your spare tires are the same size as your current used tires will spare you from all the deadly strain hassles a different size tire brings. There are several tire specifications for every off-road activity and these you must secure ahead of time. Ideally, you might get the thought that a full-size tire spare or two is enough to bring, but it certainly is not.

Hi-Lift Jack

As off-roaders define obstacles as excitement, it's dangerous to hit the trails without this. The Hi-lift Jack can push, pull, clamp and absolutely lift you out when it's required. Accompany this with a hard flat object that would be used as the base to support the Jack in the mud, snow or sand.

Tow Hooks or Tow Trap

Two Hooks or Tow Trap is another recovery gear that hinders you from getting stuck. It's a multi woven synthetic strap rated to exceed specific loads thus reducing the possibility of bumper damages and increasing your recovery in the midst of trouble. Make sure to check all the necessary attachment points for cables, chains, ropes and tow straps.

CB Radios

Off-road means following that trail out of nowhere and mobile signals are often hard to reach. That is why a CB radio is one of the most recommended and required communication gears you must pack up with you as you go off-road. It's inexpensive and airtime free.


A winch is important when it comes to self-recovery and this is often required by many off-road clubs. Not all winches are the same, and it is essential to choose the right winch for your Jeep. Know your Jeeps winch details properly before getting one. You may consider a Smittybilt Universal Winch- a top quality winch.

Fire Extinguisher

We know exactly what this is used for and definitely a must have Jeep accessory whenever you are off-road. Don't just grab any fire extinguisher you can find as there are different types of Fire Extinguishers. Most off-road riders recommend Class B and C but to be sure, ask the experts.