There has been an increase of theft in vehicles. Thieves are stealing whatever they can lay their hands on to, be it steering wheel or side-mirrors or third row seat. There is no way of stopping these thieves from stealing your external auto-parts but there are some safety measures for saving your interior auto accessories. Today I am going to talk about an auto accessory which is used for the protection of your third row seat. The reason why I wrote this article is because there has been a dramatic increase in the theft of third row seat. Xtralock made an excellent lock for your third row seat. The third row seats of a car are very easy to steal as it only takes six seconds to remove them from your car. Even if you have an alarm system in your car they can still steal them by the time you come to your car. Most of the locks in the third row seat use a cable which is fastened around the loops of the seats but there was an inherent problem in the locks and it was that the cables could be cut by simply using wire cutters. Third row seats are very expensive parts they are only manufactured by the corresponding number of cars. No-one would prefer to spend thousands of dollars on third row seats instead they would prefer to buy this inexpensive lock made by Xtralock. The Xtralock third row seat lock provides the highest level of security to your car as the Xtralock third row seat lock does not require any shackle lock which means there is nothing to be cut by wire-cutters. The Xtralock third row seat lock deters potential thieves and the lock is made from three parts. The Xtralock third row seat lock is very easy to install and can be locked by the owner. If thieves forcefully try to hamper with the lock the third row seats will get damaged. While the thief is trying to steal seats from your car he will damage your car and you have to pay for car repair bills and your insurance premium will also increase.  I like to buy from or you can follow the link directly Xtralock Products. They have the most competitive pricing on all products, in fact, one might say that they offer direct factory warehouse prices. This particular product has 43% discount and purchase of any product of $50 has free shipping.