I was looking at my rear view camera and could only see my mother-in-law's face as she was sitting on the passenger seat. No wonder my In-Laws think that I am terrible at parking my car. How do I tell them that I can't see the road because of their heads block the view from my rear viewing camera. But now problem solved. Thanks to Rear View Cameras. Below is what I researched on Rear View Camera. Just to help make the right choices. I will not be brand specific. These are just the things you should know when you get into the market.

What should I know about rear view cameras?

Well they are basically of 2 type viz. Wired and wireless. You guessed it right wired camera use wires to connect camera & monitor whereas wireless do not use wires for this. Most of these cameras have the same parts and functionalities but there are few things about camera quality that you should know. According to my understanding rear-view camera quality can be judged by 3 major factors:-

Field of view

Width of camera viewing angle is called field of view. The wider it is more area you can see around your car bumper. I prefer camera with at least 90 degree field of view. Anything above that is excellent in my books.

Presence of night vision

Night vision is sometimes the deciding factor as it is a very important component. I strongly prefer the camera which have infrared LEds, so I can see even in dark. Cameras without night vision mostly work on vehicle's reversing light which for me is not enough.

Protection against interference (wireless backup cameras)

Wireless cameras demand extra caution and there is a possibility of interference. Analog signals are easily impacted by noise rather than digital signals. So please look for digital camera with digital signals if your budget permits. Apart from camera quality, Design and Monitor play a vital in choosing right kit. The whole kit should be easily installable and repairable. All efforts can go in vain if proper monitor is not used. A smaller monitor will not make sense on it's display so minimum size should by 5 inches. The ideal size would be 7 inches. Rear View Camera can be a wonderful accessory for your car, if chosen properly. Please visit autopartstoys.com for more information on Rear View Camera's specific manufacturer and models.