When going on a surf trip, going in style can be important. I am not talking about the type of style one might expect from a red carpet event. Quite the opposite.

There is something about older vehicles and rustic looking rides which go hand in hand with the nature experience. And there are quite a few vehicles which have remained the most popular cars and vans since the 1960's still dominating the field of automobiles most popular to take on your surf trip.

Here are a few:

1) The Jeep

Onwing a Jeep is probably the most blissful experience in all walks of life, and whether you have a brand new ride or something that could have been junked in the 1970s hadn´t it been for a car lover putting enough money for a new one into restoring it, yo get away with riding one in basically all settings:

In the city. Out in the country. A safari. The Tundra. The beach!

This is why Jeeps are coming and the trend indicates a good chance that the Jeep will dominate the American roads over all other autos within a few years.

2) The Landrover

Landrover has a lot of qualities similar to the Jeep. But there is also more space. And some people prefer the additional comfort that turns it into more of a family ride and a vehicle quite suitable for commercial excursions.

3) The Vanagon

This mixture between minibus and SUV still continues to make its own waves. An ideal camping vehicle with a look that fits almost everywhere.

4) And then there is the regular Volkswagen Bus.

5) And the Buggy.

6) A Large Crew

If you have a large crew and go surfing on a regular basis, there is no reason not to get creative with your VW.

7) An Old School Bus

You can also take one of the old school buses and make sure everyone chips in for gasoline.

But make no mistake. Most vehicles can be turned into surf vehicles with the right amount of creativity and the perfect auto parts to tweak even a city ride into something cool and practical.

Looking for a ride perfect for the beach.

Either look for something you have seen in this post or continue here to find racks and other toys to turn your auto into something that fits into the lifestyle you live for on your weekends so you can come back to your life refreshed and make the best out of two different worlds!