Here's the thing about the 2014 SRX: it's a Caddy, there's no doubt about it! The 3.6L V6 pumps out the kind of power you'd expect from anything sporting a Cadillac badge on its front and rear. This SUV produces an apt 308hp with 265 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Of course, all that power needs to propel close to 4,500 pounds, so don't expect to win many streetlight-to-streetlight races when behind the wheel of one! A 6-speed variable transmission gives vehicle occupants a smooth bump-less shifting experience. The SRX also offers heated/cooled seats and compartments all over the vehicle. No surprises there.The main consensus is that the SRX certainly could be better when considering its $56,000 price tag, and steep competition from foreign luxury SUV's. The newer Audi Volkswagen Super-Tiguan, and BMW all of whom made significant improvements to their 2014 releases (powertrain, handling characteristics, climate control, and visual appeal) are all rated much higher by leading car review sites like autotrader and edmunds for the same mid 50k price range. It seems like most buyers and testers just aren't impressed with the lackluster improvements to the SRX over its previous 2013 release. There simply isn't much for Cadillac to boast about. They've essentially turned out the same vehicle again in 2014, without a single technological or visual design improvement to boast about. The 2014 still utilizes the advanced CUE driver control system, which reportedly has several bugs that need to be worked out of its interface. Many have likened it to sub-par at best, when compared to control centers found in much cheaper Hondas for instance; such as the $20,000 Civic sedan. On the other hand, several reviews have stated that the 8-in screen and countless speakers integrated into the CUE make it one of the better performing audio systems on the market today.  A true luxury SUV isn't something you buy when you're looking for fuel-economy. Cadillac claims they were able to get a consistent 18 mpg combined (city and highway) when testing the 2014 SRX. However, several testers (including) were lucky to get 15.9 mpg out of their test vehicles. All in all, a 4,500 lb vehicle isn't going to win any city to city fuel-economy challenges. If you run out and purchase the new SRX, you'll certainly get what you paid for but little more than that:

  • The sound system is incredible.
  • So to is the climate features.
  • CUE still has a lot of work to do before it wows anyone.
  • The powertrain gets you where you're going.
  • The suspension is comfy and reasonably stable over the bumps (however, some drivers have noted considerable over steer when traction control is disabled).
  • It looks like a luxury vehicle