An industry-wide initiative has been taken up by Toyota Motor Corp. to test the airbag inflators supplied by Takata Corps. This step is being taken to understand whether automakers should expand their regional duties into nationwide efforts.

The President of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing (North America), Simon Nagata, marked in a statement that the independent third- party tests would ensure that the inflators that require replacement are accurately identified and promptly fixed.

To this statement, the other automobile companies like Honda, Ford and Chrysler, conveyed their interest in Toyota's proposal.

Executive vice-president of Honda North America Honda Motor Co., Rich Schostek validated coordinated, industry-wide third-party testing of Takata inflators.

Schostek quoted, We believe that the industry can achieve greater results by sharing information and putting its collective efforts behind the same objective third party testing program.

Nagata also made it clear that the independent tests will allow the automakers to share their test results and analyses, and better understand recall repairs.

Chrysler group also issued a brief statement assuring that it supports the concept of comprehensive investigation that engages all stakeholders.

Similarly, even Ford made a statement that the company plans to join the proposed industry-wide efforts to look in to the matter and develop solutions to act on this serious issue.

Whereas, Takata, restated its earlier announcement that it is creating an independent quality assurance panel which will issue a public report on the company's practices in production of airbag inflators.

In a statement by Takata, the company said, We also welcome Toyota's call for a coordinated initiative to independently test our airbag inflators.

They also said that Takata has always been cooperating with its customers and will continue to do so.