There is a phrase change is always for the better and no one proves it better than Toyota's Mirai- a Japanese name for future. A brief introduction to an excellent vehicle which surprises the customers with its never-seen-before technology:

What is Toyota Mirai?

Mirai is the newest member of the Toyota family with advanced technology to impress the customers. The only drawback to this high- tech car is that the car design might not be up to the customers desires.

Not only does it lures its customers through its emission free, ultra efficient features but, this time, Toyota gets into a risky business by selling a hydrogen powered car.

But why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a clean, sustainable and efficient technology. Toyota is also building 12 hydrogen filling stations across the northeast in collaboration with Air Liquide. Once the plan is on the role, Toyota schemes on leasing $57,000 sedans for $499 a month which includes free hydrogen as well.

Filling up Hydrogen is not a big task but same as you used to do with the conventional vehicles.

There are always some pros and cons to a vehicle. For Mirai, let's see how much it disappoints its customers and how much the customers like it:


  • Environmental friendly
  • Comfortable interior
  • Sporty handling


  • Lack of hydrogen filling stations
  • High starting price
  • Low on design

Toyota group Vice-President and General Manager said, he only thing early adopters will have to worry about is how to answer all the questions they'll get from their neighbors.

Although, we can still not stop ourselves from gazing at the beauty which, increases its demand and Toyota's expectations concurrently. The car is expected to bring significant changes in the automobile market and also a new phase of environment friendly vehicles is expected to be near. The future is here!