Driving is nice but who wants to drive on even streets all the time. Why not drive on off-road streets where freedom is mostly expressed better? You're probably one of those that love off-road trails but can't figure out the best trails to run off? There are certainly tons of off-road sites you can find the US but since all of these trails are just way too many to discuss, we will give you the most tried once. Get yourself ready at the wooded trails, deserted dunes, mudded bogs and other exciting obstacles you'll encounter in these trail. Below are the top-10 lists the off-road trail mostly done by many enthusiasts in the USA and definitely one of the off-road dreams you'd like to add on your list!

# California's Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon train is located at North California and is known as one of the most challenging trails in North America. Due to its challenging trails, it is recommended to take this trail with a co-experienced off-road drivers. If you're intending to take the entire trail length means you will need a four-day off-road together with a camping time. Camping not further than 50 feet was recently required within the designated area. Events may take place around late July and early August.

# Utah's Moab

Moab is located in the Southeastern Utah is one of the most popular and desired off-road trails in the United States. Its breathtaking site is desired by most off-road riders, bikers, hikers and rafters for many years. A recent controversial emerged when the competition between these different groups for use and preservation begun. Nevertheless, despite all that, there are still a number of terrains you can choose from and there are trail guides and Jeeps for rentals waiting within the area.

# California's Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley is located in the Southern California and popularly known for off-road events such one from the legendary King of Hammers. A mostly visited trails by off-road enthusiast which can be explored for 10 months in a year.

# California's Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve is located in the Southern California, covering 16 million acres and recognized as the country's third largest national park. Its historical and fascinating trails and landmarks include various canyons, Rock Springs and Fort Piute.

# Arkansas's Superlift ORV

Superlift ORV is located in Central Arkansas and is a private owned off-road park that became one of the most liked trails by families in the Southeast. The Park closes during Christmas Holidays but gets busier for the rest of the year.

# Colorado's Ouray

Ouray is located at Southwestern Colorado and is popular as one of the most scenic off-road destinations and well known for its title as “Switzerland of America Off-road trails is through the road access exclusively via Highway 550, which is known as the ""Million Dollar Highway.

 # Florida's Ocala National Forest

Ocala National Forest is located at the North Central Florida and is the second largest most visited National Park. Its area covers 500 natural lakes and ponds, which offer wonderful scenery for summer getaways. Its extensive connecting trails totaling 125 miles often attracts mountain biking and horse riding enthusiast.

# New Mexico's Las Crusces

Las Crusces is located at the Southern New Mexico covering 5.4 million acres of land and with a 45,000 miles of astounding off-road trails to get busy with. This trail site is the home for the annual Chile Challenge off-road event done every late February.

# California's Mendocino National Forest

Mendocino National Forest is located in Northern California and is the only forest in California that provides more nature placid as it does not intersect in a cemented road or highway. Several campgrounds are found in the area with restrooms, camps with stove and other camping equipment you can use while you're here.

# British Columbia's Whipsaw Trail

Whipsaw Trail is located at the South-Central British Columbia and crosses two mountains, which are more exciting for adventurous ones. It is best visited between July and August as the rainfall is lowest. It has one of the most challenging trails that may require a winch and tow strap. Its Hope-Princeton Highway in the Southern mainland of British Columbia, Canada to the tiny village of Coalmont. The Whipsaw Trail was a winner of the BF Goodrich Outstanding Trails award in September 2007.