There is a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness it means that god is clean and of you stay clean you can be compared to even god. So, why should your car be any different? If given the option everyone would like a nice tiptop car which looks clean and smells great. You can achieve this by simply buying a floor mat. The main application of floor mat is to keep your car clean from dirt, wear, and salt erosion. Floor mat can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning. Some floor mats require fixation points so that it remains fixed. While buying a new car the company normally provides a floor mat but most of them are of substandard quality and really cheap in price. Floor mat usually comes in two options either rubber or carpet. There are some advantages and disadvantages of rubber and carpet floor mats. Such as, carpet floor mat are tufted and have a rubberized anti slip backing. While the rubber floor mat is heavy duty and more durable. Now a days there is a trend of customized floor mats, you can design and print anything on your floor or choose from the designs given by the sites. Floor mat not only keeps your car clean but also improves the look of your car which in return adds value to your car. If you are one of a kind person then you would like to make a statement by owning a unique floor mat which matches your personality. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts; there are lots of sites to shop from, I personally shop from or Maxliner Floor Mats you can go to the link directly as I find their pricing the cheapest compared to other sites for most products because they offer 40% off retail prices which means that they offer direct factory warehouse pricing and any purchase over $50 has free shipping. Happy shopping!!!