If you're a four-wheeling, off-roading maniac who loves to run the trails as much as Jay Leno loves his car collection, then you're in luck! The ComeUp winch isn't a recognizable brand for many trail-junkies, but you'll probably recognize the Superwinch brand of winches, made by the exact same company. ComeUp was originally founded in Taiwan, but is now proudly manufactured in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Jeep owners rejoice!

Jeep owners have been trail-testing the ComeUp for the last decade, putting it through hellish torture on forest trails, muddy swamp bogs, impassable rock faces, and other kinds of treacherous terrain all over the globe.

The consensus among ComeUp winch users has always been:

  • Extremely lightweight (some of the lightest winches available on the market).
  • Easy on vehicle's electrical system (one of the lowest amp draws of any winch manufacturer).
  • They'll pull way more than their rating suggests (this isn't recommended obviously).
  • Superior external braking system protects the synthetic line and fairlead.
  • Zero slippage under even the most extreme circumstances.
  • Very high torque gets you out of a tight-squeeze faster than more expensive brands like Warn.
  • Diverse model lineup ranging from 2000 18000lbs pulling capacity (See our selection).
  • Very reliable (few if any complaints about the ComeUp winch failing at inopportune times).
  • You can't kill them.
  • The price is unbeatable.

Save your money!

ComeUp Winch Company offers a limited lifetime warranty on every rugged winch in their lineup. There's no reason to spend 2, 3, 10 times the money on a Warn when the ComeUp brand has been battle-tested by 4x4 enthusiasts from all over for years now. If you're looking for a great add-on winch for your ATV or UTV, check out our lineup of ComeUp ATV winches right here.