Every one of us has one time or another saw spoiler on a car. So, what's the function of a spoiler, do spoilers actually serve any practical purpose? Spoiler is an auto accessory which is used to spoil unwanted airflow or air movement across the body of your car. The spoiler makes sure that there is no turbulence or drag in your car; in essence, spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device which makes your car more stable. Spoilers are designed in such a way that it generates down-force as air passes around it. The function of spoiler is not to disrupt the flow of air rather it helps to better regulate the air flow. There is a spoiler which is specially made for Ford Mustangs by Razzi. Razzi is the leader and innovators in the customized car design industry, the spoilers made by Razzi are of the most superior quality. In fact, any auto accessory made by Razzi is insured by their warranty. Razzi goes as far as to give warranty of 10 years for replacement parts. The Razzi spoiler is designed by using the Specially Formulated AERO-FLEX Thermoset and is made from ABS composite plastic material. Because of AERO-FLEX design, you will get the best color finish, easy installation, no exposed screws, etc. Razzi is the most respected name in the automobile industry with the most superior products and nonparallel finished good. Once you use a Razzi auto accessory you won't be able to use anything else ever. You can find Razzi products at https://autopartstoys.com/search?type=product&options[unavailable_products]=last&options[prefix]=last&q=razzi or other auto accessories from http://autopartstoys.com . This site offers factory direct pricing and any purchase of over $50 has free shipping.