At one time or another you've seen a spoiler on a car and thought -"Wow- that looks really cool!
But do you probably don't know the function of a spoiler, or if spoilers actually serve any practical purpose?

What is a spoiler?
A  spoiler is an auto accessory which is actually used to spoil unwanted airflow or air movement across the body of your car. The spoiler makes sure that there is no turbulence or drag in your car. In essence, a spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device which makes your car more stable.

What does a spoiler do?
Spoilers are designed in such a way that they generate down-force as air passes around it. The function of a spoiler is not to disrupt the flow of air rather it helps to better regulate the air flow.

What is a Razzi Spoiler?
Razzi is the most respected name in the automobile industry - offering superior products and unparalleled finishes.  Razzi spoilers are designed by using the specially formulated AERO-FLEX Thermoset and is made from an ABS composite plastic material. Aero-flex won’t crack or break like fiberglass. It is a better value and just as strong as carbon fiber materials. It can easily be finished in any OEM color. The newer plastics, while promising a lighter weight and lower cost, also are cheap looking on a vehicle. The other companies lack the attention to fitment which is what sets Razzi apartBecause of the AERO-FLEX innovation, you will get the best color finish, easy installation, no exposed screws, etc. when you choose Razzi.

Which cars look good with a spoiler?
If you have a Dodge Dart or Avenger, Chevrolet Camaro or Cruze, Hyundai Sonata or Elantra,  Ford Mustang or Fusion, or Toyota Avalon a spoiler will be an awesome addition to your car.  Razzi makes a special line specifically design for each of these vehicles.

Why choose a Razzi Spoiler?
Razzi is the leader and innovator in the customized car design industry. The spoilers made by Razzi are of the most superior quality. In fact, any auto accessory made by Razzi is insured by their warranty. Razzi goes as far as to give warranty of 10 years for replacement parts.

In addition to spoilers, Razzi has a complete line of ground effects kits. Aero-flex parts can be finely fitted and perfectly color matched, so your ground effects package looks like a part of the OEM design of your car. When the effects are on, the integrated package allows the effect to take center stage!

You can find Razzi products at  Visit to find top brand auto accessories for your car, SUV, ATV, Truck or Jeep at factory direct warehouse prices, and free shipping over $50.