Some people do not feel like an every day limousine is enough, they prefer something more luxurious, more special, more extravagant and therefore are willing to pay big cash. You should have a look at the most luxurious and amazing limousines in the World! This collection includes the Lamborghini Aventador Limousine and the Batman Limousine. They will take your breath away!

1. The Sultan of Brunei's Custom Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo: $14 million

If it is gold, it happens in Brunei or Dubai custom made for sure, The Sultan had designed a very special car for his wedding day. He purchased a Rolls Royce Silver Spur stretch limousine and had it covered with pure 24 carat gold.

2. Batmobile Limousine: $4.2 million

It is designed completely after the Batman movie series. It was built in 2012 and features all the gadgets Batman used in the movies. This includes rocket and missile launchers and the ejecting front and rear wheels. For me this would be the best of all.

3. The American Dream: $4 million

It is owned by a car collector, and it is the longest Limo in the World a total of 100 feet. It has 26 wheels, features are among others a heated Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool, king sized beds and a helicopter landing pad. Awesome!

4. Rolls Royce Phantom Limo: $3.8 million

The regular Rolls Royce Phantom is one of the priciest cars in the world, to begin with. But this Phantom Limo is equipped with bulletproof armor and a full sized office, not to forget all the luxury of a Rolls Royce.

5. The Best: $3 million

There are actually twelve of these limos and three travel in processions at all times. The one carrying the president is known as Cadillac One. Typically, one of these Cadillac limos would cost about $300,000, but the government has spent in over $3 million to ensure the president's safety. We only know that the Best withstands an RPG attack, but for security reasons we do not have further information about its capabilities.

6. The Midnight Rider: $2.5 million

Designed in 1986, this is the world's biggest for-hire limousine and it was constructed out of a tractor trailer body and can hold up to 40 passengers includes an on-board night club complete with DJ and a full bar with bartenders. Cool, isn't it?

7. Maybach Landaulet: $1.4 million

Although this is not a stretch limousine, it's still comparable. It used a 62S 612 horsepower bi-turbo V12 engine. The car was famous for its retractable hard roof, that allowed for its passengers to catch in the s. It was equipped with white leather with gold-flecked granite inlays.

8. The Million Euro Mini: $1.35 million

It is pink and is owned by Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan, with parking sensors and parking cameras. The car is covered with over one million tiny Swarovski crystals. Each wheel has an eight-centimetre crystal in the middle. The window films are made up of about 50 grams of pure gold.

9. Mercedes-Benz S-600 Pullman: $1 million

It is scheduled to be officially released to the market in 2015. The S-600 Pullman is a 21-foot long limo with armour plating, capable of resisting gunfire and small explosives.

10. Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo: Value Unknown

It is not a reality yet The limousine company Cars for Stars designed the concept for a Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo. The limo would be fitted with Lamborghinis 6.5 liter V12 engine which pushes up to 700 horsepower. Luxuries such as plasma TVs, a champagne bar and for sure all you expect a Limo to have, makes this prototype very amazing. Dont miss the video next.