Any avid car lover will tell you that the best place to see modified cars is Japan. I had the privilege to go to Japan and see the car scene over there. This article is for those people who have not been to Japan. Japan is the birthplace for the best auto parts and car accessories. The scene burst into mainstream after the release of the third installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise Tokyo Drift. One thing which blew away first was a modified Toyota Celica blasting the Teriyaki Boyz's well-known Tokyo Drift song on the streets of Akihabara at night. Words cannot explain how awesome the Toyota Celica looked with all its car accessories and modified auto parts. The thing which fascinated me the most was the color of the car; it was a certain shade of orange which I never saw before and I have yet to see again. The best thing in Japan about modified cars is that they will modify any cars regardless whether it is domestic models, muscle-cars or high-end supercars. The way they modify the cars is an absolute art; some might even compare it to the work of Van Gough's. While I was in Japan I made some local friends, one day they took me to a dock which was deserted and hanged out there for quite some time. As the night grew older few sports car started to appear. They started to do some stunts and drifting. You could smell the burnt rubber in the air as suddenly as they appeared they disappeared even more quickly. The modified auto parts and car accessories on those cars were out of this world.   I would like to recommend some auto parts and car accessories which will revamp the overall outlook of any car.

The first one which I would like to recommend is the halogen angel eyes headlight; it one of my most favorite car accessories. If you have a vivid imagination like me you can already guess why its called angel eyes. The name is derived from the look of the headlight which resembles like glowing eyes.  You can buy halogen angel eyes in almost any color. The halogen angel eyes headlight instantly elevate the outlook of any car, be it Japanese cars, European cars or even muscle-cars.

Seat covers
The next car accessory which I would like to discuss would be seat covers; it is one of the most important car accessories. Magnificent seat covers can transform the inside of your crappy car into Rolls Royce class. In Japan, most of the cars have excellent seat covers regardless of the car. First-rate seat covers add value and luxury to your car; ride in style and elegance. 

Sound system
The last auto part that I would like to recommend is sound system and speakers for your car. Only a good sound system is not enough; you need to compliment the sound system with first-class speakers. The more expensive the sound system and speakers the better will be the sound quality. Music can melt away all the tension and pressure of a busy days work. Music provides solace and comfort to our souls so don't be cheap-ass buy good sound system and speakers but that doesn't mean spend a fortune on it.    Ride in style and class; make people jealous with your car. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts or car accessories; there are lots of sites to shop from, I personally shop from Happy shopping!!!