Most of us have seen the big hit movie Transformers but the film is based on a cartoon which aired in the early 1990s. If you saw the cartoon, you can remember that the robots would turn into machines mainly cars. They could also upgrade their parts when required; we can even see the same thing happening in Transformers 2 when Optimus Prime improves his parts from Jetfire. Cars can me dissembled into small parts. Why do you think the car manufacturer allow this service? The reason is that even they believed that car and jeep accessories should be upgraded and modified from time to time. There are a few ways you can modify and upgrade your cars. You can add auto parts, car accessories, paint, etc. Find the one which will suit you best. I prefer by adding Jeep accessories because I happen to own a jeep but for those own other cars they can add auto parts and car accessories. I am going to discuss few auto parts which are essential for every car but also convey a style statement to the world.


The first car accessories I would like to talk about is the little bumper. The bumper may not see much flashy or sleek in the olden days but now a days bumper is one of the rages in the market. Auto parts like bumper are life insurance for your car; insurance for which you pay the premium only once but you get the benefits life long. For me, bumper is one of the essential Jeep accessories. Here are few pictures of cool jeep bumpers.  Roof rack

The second auto part I would like to talk is such a car accessory that it looks like a tiara for your car. Any guess? The right answer is roof rack. In a roof rack sets of bars are secured so that you can carry any baggage and types of equipment you wish to take whenever and wherever you want. This car accessory is an absolute must for people who travel a lot. This simple car accessory allows you to carry what you like without sacrificing your luxury and legroom. Its always better to travel light they say but why to travel light when you don't have to suffer. Travel heavy; bring all the things you want just but adding this auto part to your car. Suppose you want to go kayaking with the help of this simple car accessory you can carry your kayak. Another thing will look smashing with your car. I have a roof rack on my car and I love it. Don't take my word for it take a look at these cool roof racks.

Body kit

Lastly, I would like to talk about an auto part which took the whole automobile industry by storm, and that is the body kit. I have traveled quite a lot, but I have never seen more cool body kits than I saw in the Middle East. The Middle East people love body kits and the best time to see cool cars with body kits is at night. A cool body kit can turn your simple car into a Ferrari or Lamborghini in terms of looks.   These simple auto parts of car accessories and jeep accessories can overhaul the outlook of your can into something spectacular. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts; there are lots of sites to shop from, I shop from . Happy shopping!!!