Why do I need this?

Extending the space in your vehicle is extremely important. Cyclists sometimes use roof racks to move around their bikes. Surfers love them and can fit up to five surfboards, depending on the carrier they purchase. Going away for a ski weekend no roof rack? You've gotta be kidding! To get the best experience and reduce your headaches, the following are tidbits we've picked up that can help you to make that final decision.

What am I carrying?

Firstly, ask yourself what it is that you would like to carry. Roof racks could possibly expose some of your cherished items to the elements. It is better to store valuables inside your vehicle to be safe. When you are picking out a rack, buy with your carrying needs in mind and only buy if your needs totally surpass your vehicle's original capacities. Gear such as bicycles, skis, surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, basically anything supporting extreme activities, will always require some added carrying support. Roof racks are an absolute must in these situations. Besides, the more room you free up in the cabin, the more space you have to invite your friends!

Who gonna install this?

Our Rhino Rack roof racks are all custom fit to your vehicle, and can be installed using our included tools and instructions in less than 2 hours. The fact is that installation is important. You don't want to be heading down the road, only to see your stuff get run over by a semi as it falls off your roof. Rhino Rack roof racks are manufactured with high quality materials and can be installed on naked roofs using our gutterless mounts, or to your vehicles factory installed roof rails.

How does this add style or appeal?

A roof rack that is mounted to a truck or SUV almost always gives an appearance of ruggedness and utility. Roof racks are also a style statement. Vehicles with these racks always make their owners seem far more interesting than owners of run of the mill sedans. They have their place in vehicular fashion and will help to increase the value of your vehicle as well. You can add a roof rack before selling a vehicle and throw the net open to a wider group of interests. Racks are usually in black or polished aluminium and can further increase your own personal style. What you drive and how it looks says a lot about you.

What additions are needed?

Oftentimes your rack will need straps and added tie-downs to keep your gear secure. For this reason, you should ensure that you get the correct fittings for the rails of your rack as soon as it is installed. Baskets are common and will offer a range of space that is practically the same volume as your cabin. Straps secure loose items. To properly hold down a bike though, added ties and braces are a must. Ensure the correct items are bought as these cause damage to your items if installed improperly. Skiers will appreciate multiple braces especially when bringing friends along. Besides, enjoying the outdoors was one of the reasons you bought your truck or SUV so why would you scrimp out when buying ski racks?

How much should I pay?

Roof Racks vary in price depending on vehicle application, added equipment and materials. Firstly, only buy racks that are supported with manufacturer warranties.. With that said, hard plastic racks are cheaper than aluminium racks, we supply the finest quality roof racks there are supplied in black or silver and manufactured from high quality materials. Buy the best you can afford for your application. You are invited to browse our large selection or Rhino Rack roof racks at one of the largest on-line dealers autopartstoys.com. We encourage you to contact us with further questions about our high quality Rhino rack roof racks at the most competitive price on the net.