Traffic has increased almost ten folds in the last decade. If you own a car and drive a car in the city you will know what I am talking about. Every day there are thousands of accidents happening all over the city and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. But thankfully there is a way to minimize the damage to your car and it is in the form of a bumper. The bumper is usually attached to the front of your car and the bumper provides protection to your car from accident. This inexpensive bumper can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Bumpers are usually made from steel, aluminum, fiberglass composite, plastic, etc. Essentially, bumpers compress the initial impact of the accident and absorb the shock which ensures that there is no damage to your car. Today I will talk about a bumper made for Jeep Wrangler by Rampage; this bumper fits all Jeep Wrangler models made from 1976-2006. The Rampage bumper is made from stainless steel; it is polished to perfection giving it a mirror finishing and it has a robotically welded one-piece design. The Rampage bumper is made in such a way that it is made robotically welded to exact specification which in turn ensures longevity and superior looks. The black finish bumper is made by a dense undercoat of zinc which is put through a dual coated paint finish. The bright stainless version is made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel which is polished to a mirror finish and these bumpers have a welded one-piece design for extreme durability. The bumper comes in with flat black 3 inch tubes and has 2 built-in fog light tabs with 1/2"" mounting hole. The bumper is made by an OE approved and ISO certified manufacturer and no drilling is required for its installation. The best place to buy auto accessories is from or you can follow the link for this bumper directly They provide the most competitive prices, in fact right now they are offering 40% discount on almost all auto parts. If your purchase is over $50 then you will have free shipping.