How about indulging yourself in some luxury with a nice professional massage after a long day in office, that too while you are driving? If that's what you had in your dreams, congratulations your wish has come true with launch of Massaging Seat Covers. To entertain users with different requirements companies have launched this product with many variants. Based on our research we have divided massaging seat covers in few major categories on the basis of following factors: Airbag presence. Vibration function. Shoulder Massage availability. Let's look at few of the options available in the market. It is here just to help you in not getting overwhelmed by the choices available in market.

Total Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion

This has full back massage with soothing heat and adjustable width. It provides much customized approach to your body. This one generally comes with 4 massage rollers. In few models, options are available to remove massage roller covers for to get rougher massage experience.

Massaging Cushion with Heat

These actually are full back massager, which can massage your whole spine, including your neck and shoulders area. They can have separate back and neck massagers. Most of the good models support customization be making provisions adjustable length in upper rollers for neck massages and Width adjustment for the back rollers

Air Compression and Massage Cushion

These Models differs from others by the presence of air bags. They squeeze and relax your lumbar area with adjustable intensity. Not everybody is a fan of this but there are people who prefer it due to medical reasons. Due to it's target audience, it lacks length and width adjustment of the massage. They generally do not have rolling massage nor do they have spot massage.

Quad Roller Dual-Action Massage Cushion with Heat

These generally have that anybody would need for a complete massage. User can choose intense massage or a gently rolling massage. However, choice depends on driving mode. With a single touch of button heat can be turned off. Adjustments are also available to adjust intensity of massage from shiatsu to gentle. Some models also support perfect fit massage. Driving in the car would not be as boring as it used to be. A nice refreshing massage can make lot of difference by reducing your stress levels. For specific information on models and manufactures please visit"