You asked, and Spyder has answered the call!

They've just released a durable and sophisticated-looking set of aftermarket polished stainless steel step bars, which add visual appeal to your vehicle without sacrificing the everyday practicality offered by the OE running boards. These 3 diameter step bars install on your vehicle in the stock mounting locations, without any modifications of any kind necessary to make them fit. Even more important: they're being offered at a special introductory rate that you won't find anywhere else online.

Take a look at the specs for these brand new sleek and sexy Spyder Stainless Step Bars:

Fits 2002-2009 Trailblazer XLT. Fits 2002-2008 GMC Envoy XL.  T-304Marine Grade stainless steel. Mirror-polish finish. 3 inch diameter tubing.Cradle mount design.Installs in OE mounting location. 400 pound weight capacity. 5 year warranty. Optional black powder-coated finish. You can't beat the value these highly-affordable step bars will add to your SUV. This is a great add-on for raised 4x4's that are hard to get into, or for a bone stock round-the-town vehicles that need more visual oomph. Spyder stainless step bars are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add luxury Euro flare to your American-made vehicle. The Very BEST Stainless Steel Spyder uses T-304 stainless steel to make this exciting new add-on. For those of you who don't know the differences in different quality steels: T-304 is quite simply the very best steel you'll find in any automotive application. It's used primarily for high-end exhaust systems, due to its high-polish finish and unrivaled corrosion resistance. It's also the steel of choice for underwater marine applications. For you, this means that you'll NEVER have to worry about rust damage killing your investment in just a few years time. These step bars will very likely outlast the vehicle

Easy Installation

Installation only requires a wrench and socket set, typically taking 30-60 minutes to complete. Of course, it's always recommended that you take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to ensure the job's done to federal and state safety standards (if you're not comfortable doing this kind of work). Many lower quality, higher-priced step bar and running board kits require drilling holes into the frame and sheet metal of your sport utility, which not only requires extra time and tools, but also affects the resale value of the vehicle.

Order Your Own Set Today

Spyder has set the initial price on these new step bars so low that anyone can afford them! Simply click on the following link and you can have a set of polished step bars waiting on your doorstep tomorrow (simply select “Next Day Shipping” at checkout): All New Spyder Stainless Step Bars