Most of the cars in USA and Europe have either costumed auto parts or unique car accessories, Middle East has the most customized jeep and doesn't even talk about Japan and South Korea they have the unique and amazing customized car. The auto parts and car accessories which are sold in Japan and South Korea are unique and one of a kind. You will not find these auto parts and car accessories anywhere in the world. In this blog, I will discuss some unique auto part and car accessories. First of all, I would like to talk about is the simple headlight. Headlights are used when there is low visibility on the road. There is a version of headlights called halogen angel eyes, don't let the name fool you. It's not a light for the ladies nor is it pink in color though you may find a pink color light. The name comes from the look of the light when it's turned on in the light. The light looks like a pair of light glowing in the dark and hence the name halogen angle eyes. The light itself if gorgeous to look at regardless of the car it's installed. The halogen angel eye raises your car's profile and appearance. Here are some pictures of halogen angel eyes headlight and behold its beauty and magnificence.  Ratchet Set: You have a lovely car. So that you should have ratchet set. Period. Sometimes your car may face trouble. Then a good ratchet set will be your best friend. You can more details information about ratchet set and its use on The  The next car accessory I would like to discuss would be seat covers. Elegant and posh seat covers add resale value to your car. Seat covers amplify the comfort and luxury of driver and passengers. If ride your car every day then ride in style. Everyone likes the smell of brand new car, little know fact the smell comes from the leather of the seat cover some spend and choose wisely while buying seat covers; this is an essential car accessory. Make the inside of your car look like Rolls Royce even if you drive a cheap Toyota.    While talking about seat covers, there is another car accessory which I would like to about is floor mat. This inexpensive car accessory provides an excellent service. Car accessory such as floor mats is placed on the floor of the car or other flat surfaces. Its primary task includes providing an overall flat surface; it also helps to protect the floor of the car from dirt, wear and salt corrosion. You can buy them in different colors and different design. While buying this car accessory makes sure that you match your floor mat with seat covers. Seat covers and floor mats should complement each other.   The last auto part I would like to talk about is sound system. William Shakespeare once said If music be the food of love, play on play on indeed. Music provides food for your soul. Whenever we are sad or emotional, we look up music to provide solace and comfort. Whenever we have a breakup we like to listen to sad songs; we feel the lyrics and music resonate with our soul. After a dull day of work listening to music rejuvenates our body and mind. So I would personally recommend buying a good sound system for your car if you don't own a good sound system already. So these are my top recommendation for top customized or unique auto parts or car accessories. Make sure that you buy car accessories which complement each other not contrast each other. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts or car accessories; there are lots of sites to shop from, I shop from Happy shopping!!!"