For a while I owned a convertible Ford Mustang and boy did I love that car, it was my precious baby, and I looked spectacular with its customized body parts. It was like a match made in heaven; some customized auto parts takes the beauty of the car to next level. Today I am going to talk about such personalized auto part: light bar. Light bar makes a simple yet elegant addition to your car and other convertible owners wish they had one. Light bar is essentially an auto part which is attached to the side of your car which looks great but also a practical purpose such as making the chassis stronger. In this article, I will talk about of one light bar I have used which was CDC 2005-2014 Ford Mustang Classic Light Bar W/O Light Carbon Fiber 110005-NL.  The CDC 2005-2014 Ford Mustang Classic Light Bar can be installed in any Ford Mustang made from 2005 to 2014, and it fits into your car without disrupting any factory functions. The light bar is attached to B-pillars which makes the chassis of the vehicle even stronger. The light bar made of one massive round tube which has a thickness of 1/8 wall. After that, the light bar is molded with Polyurethane and hand wrapped with vinyl and is shaped to match the interior of your car. The light bar also comes with all necessary brackets and mounting hardware which makes installation even easier.  The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts; there are lots of sites to shop from, I shop from you can go to the link directly as I find their pricing the cheapest compared to other sites for most products because they offer 40% off retail prices which means that they offer direct factory warehouse pricing and any purchase over $50 have free shipping. Happy shopping!!!