If you have a family or like to travel a lot, you apparently have heard of roof rack but for those who have not heard about roof rack this article is especially for them. Roof racks are sets of bars which are secured to the roof your can, and when installed they look like tiara for your expensive car. Not only it looks great on cars, but they also serve another purpose. Roof rack allows you to carry luggage, bags, tools, heavy equipment, etc. on the top of your car; roof rack lets you travel in comfort, luxury, and style. By allowing you to carry excess weight on the roof it increases the legroom of your car and allows you to drive in comfort; these simple roof racks help you not to sacrifice your luxury and comfort in the name of baggage. One the best roof rack you can find in the market nowadays is the Rhino Rack 2004-2014 Ford F150 4dr Vortex RS 2500 Sport Roof Rack Black RS446B.  The Rhino Rack I specially molded so that it fits perfectly to the roof of your car and for extra security, it has lockable legs; by adding these lockable legs it is ensured that it can be installed and removed quite quickly. The legs are made from Glass Reinforced Nylon which makes the legs super durable and offers long term service; the roof rack is made from Santoprene rubber pads which will not stick to your car. The roof rack has VGS strips which reduce wind noise, and the roof rack is compatible with wide range of accessories. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts; there are lots of sites to shop, I shop from autopartstoys.com or Roof Racks you can go to the link directly as I find their pricing the cheapest compared to other sites for most products because they offer retail prices which mean that they offer direct factory warehouse pricing and any purchase over $50 has free shipping. Happy shopping!!!