The best way to carry your bike in your vehicle to some of the best outdoor trail would be through a bike hanging racks. This way, you do not scratch your bike and neither do you get your car scratched. These bike hanging racks are all well compatible wit any kind of bike frame including the extra large ones like the mountain bikes and the BMX bikes. There are some racks that can hold up to 3 bikes at a time.

Many of them are both compatible with 1.25 hitch and well as 3 inches hitch. The bike attachments have rubber finish and they help with the protection of the finishing of the bike. These racks can easily tilt lower for the back-end access and also includes locks that can secure the bike to the rack.

Types of Hitch Racks

There are two kinds of hitch racks that are available - the bike hanging hitch racks and the platform racks. In the platform hitch rack, the bike is supported on a tray tat is like an upright roof rack. The platform racks are a great way to carry your bike around in a safe way but the hanging racks can be a lot more convenient. The hanging racks can carry as many as 5 bikes that have an appropriate hitch. They can be easily removed from the trailer hitch and can be quite compact with storage when not in use.

Additional Attachments

Certain models allow you to also carry skis with an additional attachment while some of the let access to the hatch or trunk with a tilt down kind of build. The bikes though need to be mounted carefully since they may be in a position where they rub each other. Certain bike frames have geometry that is unusual and mounting can be tough, so make sure you pick one that has a simple style of mounting. Make sure that the vehicle that you intend to install a bike hanger is high enough from the road otherwise you could risk damaging your bike when traveling o rough terrain.

Benefits of Hitch Mounted Bike

One of the main advantages of hitch mounted bike is that it is at a much lower height when compared to the roof mounted rack. This is also made use of for towing. Another great advantage is that the vehicles can also access lower clearance places like garages. This also lets you keep your roof top free to hold ski racks and cargo bags/boxes. Before you invest in a Hitch Mount Mike, make sure your car does not have a backdoor that will impede access during the trip. If you mount too many bikes at once, this can obstruct the rear view of the vehicle, so make sure you mount in a way that your rear view will not be obstructed.

Hanging Bike Racks

You can look up online for hanging bike racks by typing appropriate keywords. Zero-in on at least a few good websites that offer delivery and installation at a reasonable cost. The Sport Rack from Thule and Sport Rack SR2704 are some of the best in the market.