A Jeep soft top adds more personality to your vehicle and this is one of the reasons many desires to have one. A soft top provides the option of removing it whenever its not needed thus giving your Jeep a new sleek look from time to time. However, just like other things in this world, beauty pays its price. Neglecting to maintain your Jeeps soft tops may lead you to replace it faster than you normally would want to. In this article, we compiled soft-tops maintenance tips that are guaranteed tried by many Jeep owners.

Avoid over exposure

Store your Jeep in a garage or a protected place whenever it is possible. Garaging your Jeep is the best way to protect your Soft-top cover from sun's exposure. So does the rain, mildew, UV rays, bird poops, trees and other elements that may cause damages and requires thorough cleaning. Your Soft Tops is made of fiber, threads, vinyl and other soft materials which color may easily fade if cleaned often. Before parking, check around the surroundings for best parking places where you can avoid your tops from getting dirty. This habit will not just spare you from cleaning your soft tops but also will spare you from buying a new one in a short period.

Soft-Tops needs Regular Cleaning

It is essential to provide a regular schedule in cleaning your tops. Since your soft-tops are made of soft materials, dried dirt may damage your soft-tops deeper when left unnoticed. Most Jeep owners advice on cleaning a soft top every 30 to 90 day maximum. Ensure that your soft-tops fabric, windows and zippers are cleaned and maintained well. Dirt can hide particularly in zipper area and might cause it to stuck if unnoticed soon enough.

Carefully choose your Soft-Tops Cleaning products

There are numerous soft-tops cleaning products available in the market but not all are safe. The most products you need for a soft-tops are cleaner, protectant and polisher while Oil are required to maintain your zipper. Purchase only products that are tested by many Jeep owners. Listen to word of mouth recommendation and follow instructions thoroughly. These simple guidelines need no-brainer, but it does help you keep your Soft tops in great shape for a much longer period if you desire.