If you're serious about hitting the trails, the first thing you really want to concentrate on is beefing up the suspension on your Jeep 4x4. Jeeps are built for offroading, but serious offroading requires serious parts. This is especially important if you're driving an old Jeep vehicle with busted coilovers, worn links, beat up bushings, and rusted out supports. Time and weather inevitably take their toll. Here's a few simple upgrades that will get your older or late-model Jeep trail-ready in no time flat!

1. Bushing Kits

Everyone forgets about bushings. Until their vehicle starts to wander all over the trail for no apparent reason, or a squeeking or thumping noise starts to drive them nuts at every bump in the trail. There are several bushings on your Jeep: body mounts, sway bar, control arm, shocks, springs, shackles, trac bar, engine, transmission, etc. AutoPartsToys offers you access to the best bushing kits in the business, from Warrior, Daystar, and Performance ACC.

2. Lift Kit

It's rare to meet a Jeep offroad enthusiast who doesn't want to lift their vehicle at least a couple of inches. The proper ride height will ensure that you'll always have a couple (or many) inches of clearance available if unexpected obstacles get in your way (and they will!) We here at AutoPartsToys have all the applicable jeep lifting hardware you'll need to safely lift your trail-rider up safely and economically; from affordably priced spacer kits to complete suspension and powertrain hardware, complete with heavy-duty aftermarket shock absorbers.

3. Sway Bar Links

The front and rear sway bars may be okay for your needs. Jeep built them pretty strong out of the gate. However, depending on where you trail your vehicle, you might find there are times when the sway bars actually get in the way more than they help. Sway bars are meant to improve cornering capabilities and actually become a limiting factor when you need extra articulation when driving over large rock faces, or other major obstacles that put the ride height of each tire to the test. Upgrade to a trusted Warrior End Link Kit with easy-to-remove snapper clips to drastically change the up and down movement of your tires on the trails.

4. Lateral Link/Trac Bar/Panhard Bar

The lateral link is what keeps your rear axle from swaying too hard left to right, protecting the u-joints on the driveshaft. When you lift the suspension, or simply put your Jeep through the hard paces in the bush, the stock trac bar just won't do the trick. With a name like Readylift, you can imagine that their Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Trac Bar​ is just what the 4x4 doctor ordered for your Jeep!

5. Springs

Next we come to the springs. When you lift a standard production Jeep more than an inch, the springs lose their ability to keep your vehicle level, particularly when their being punished on a rough trail ride Upgrade both the front and rear springs to ensure they don't snap on you at the worst possible time!