The Ford Maverick has been out of production for nearly ten years. Still, the company will release a completely redesigned and re-engineered car in just a few months, apparently in November 2022. It will be a standard hybrid that offers excellent features and performance at affordable prices. The truck will be designed to appeal to everyone from teenagers, young adults, baby boomers, and seniors, with built-in safety features that support the driver and passengers.

The New 2022 Ford Maverick will have a lot of features that help it compete with other cars on the market today and future models on its way down the road. Some of its specs include:

Ford Maverick

Engine and Performance

The New 2022 Ford Maverick is powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which produces and of torque at the peak of 6500 rpm. This makes it one of the most powerful vehicles in its class.

As far as performance goes, this vehicle ranks among the fastest, with a top speed of 204 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph occurring in 8.9 seconds.

The New 2022 Ford Maverick can also travel up to 26 miles in all-electric mode at speeds of up to 75 mph, translating to an anticipated combined gas mileage of 83 mpg.

Body and Chassis

The New 2022 Ford Maverick is built using an aluminum alloy body, making it one of the lightest trucks on the market with a curb weight of 3,165 pounds. It also comes standard with aluminum alloy wheels and tires.

The length has been shortened by 5 inches compared to existing trucks, while the wheelbase remains unchanged at 118 inches.

The new vehicle is also notable for the tri-color configuration of the grille, of which the front fascia is made out of glass. The Glassfibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) materials used on the exterior combine with special technology to give the truck a considerable amount of rigidity.

The taillights are also different and made out of glass that has been treated with an anti-scratch coating.

Ford Maverick interior

Interior and Design

This truck also features a new interior design that is complex and incorporates some significant innovations such as smoother operating, quicker acceleration, and overall comfort.

It features a dual-pane panoramic windshield, which is made of two layers of glass.
 It also has an asymmetric display and a rear-view camera on each side, with one screen positioned vertically and the other horizontally.

The car's instrument cluster contains three driver information display screens mounted inside a single screen which can be adjusted to show navigation information.

The car's middle row features an optional transmitter that allows the owner to control audio functions from their smart devices.

The center console has been redesigned to increase storage space with two cup holders located in the glove box and additional storage compartments on both sides of it. It features 10 cup holders, including two beverage holders that can hold drinks up to 24 ounces. The New 2022 Ford Maverick also has a USB port for charging electronic devices and also we can adjust the suspension system settings.


The New 2022 Ford Maverick is equipped with a fast charge port for its lithium battery, which allows it to recharge quickly and continue on its way. The battery for the car is designed to last up to four years. The car also has a long-lasting air filter and replaceable filters for cabin air quality. It is also equipped with standard dual-zone climate control that allows the driver and passengers to control temperatures on each side of the vehicle.

The New 2022 Ford Maverick can be started by pressing the key fob within 3 seconds of cutting off the ignition. The car's ignition can be turned off again by starting the engine within 15 seconds after turning off the first time. If it is turned off and then started again within 15 seconds, the system stays in "ready mode" for 30 seconds. This mode allows the car to be started with one press of the key fob. 


The New 2022 Ford Maverick comes with standard Alexa voice technology. It also has Siri voice technology, which allows passengers to communicate with the driver and control certain functions such as music playback, checking and sending emails and texts, and reading and sending text messages.

The car also comes with a feature that will alert drivers to traffic accidents or other incidents through its integrated radar sensors. This technology also allows the vehicle to automatically start a golf course wireless phone service when both hands are off the wheel.


The New 2022 Ford Maverick is equipped with standard features that allow it to detect pedestrians or objects in its path as well as vehicles on the side of the road. Its front and rear sensors will automatically apply breaks if it is in danger of colliding with obstructions or other vehicles.

It comes fully equipped with a front and rear-mounted camera that is used to capture footage during accidents. This allows Ford reliability assistance: drivers can upload footage from their cameras into their smartphones in the event of an accident.

The 2022 Ford Maverick is also equipped with a radar system that alerts drivers when they are drifting out of their lane or when they veer into another lane. It also alerts the driver when they are driving over the speed limit. The vehicle is also equipped with a video recording device that stores information from its front and rear cameras, which can be used in an emergency.


The New 2022 Ford Maverick has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing passengers to connect to their home computer wirelessly. It comes with 4G capability and is equipped with a 5th generation Wi-Fi router for optimal internet capabilities. Passengers can control the car's navigation system with smartphones with Google Maps downloaded onto their devices.

While the New 2022 Ford Maverick is not available in all dealer showrooms yet. Consumers should take this opportunity and check out all models offered by their local dealerships before they decide to purchase one.

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