Brand Rhino Rack has introduced their new range and also updated their product's numbers. Brand Rhino Rack has made it again! The new Rhino Rack is made for a Do-it-yourself fitment and other amazing new features you'll be awe to grab! Made gutter less, suitable for mounting and modern cars. Ready made with a VGS bar strip to ensure a noise free trip and slipping. Highly compatible on other Rhino Vortex bar accessories and most of all, quick and easy to install. Stylish Vortex bar with no over hang Wondering if this will suit your car. Wonder no more as this Rhino Rack guaranteed to have no sides over hand. Designed to fit on a majority of the vehicles in the market. Guaranteed for only the best Less wind noise. Definitely quick and easy to install. Designed with extra Steel Lock and key available. Custom fitting clamps.Designed with no slim bars that creates flashy top looks.