With the fast growing economies and also the increase in pollution, a new technology is fading away the earlier used technologies. Hydrogen cars- the bright future of the automobile world are here.

Hydrogen is not only a non- polluting power source but also, it is not constrained by battery capacity. It does not require prolonged time for charging.

The hydrogen cars are here but, without notable and speedy progress in expanding the fueling infrastructure and the convenience to use, they will remain where there are- stagnant.

What makes hydrogen cars different?

A few plus points of Hydrogen cars can be as follows:

  • Since, there is abundance of hydrogen, you will never be out of fuel.
  • Environment friendly
  • One of the most significant advantage of driving a hydrogen car is that Hydrogen is a Renewable source of energy. Unlike petrol and diesel, hydrogen can always be produced on demand.

The disadvantages of Hydrogen cars:

  • Short on techniques that can extract hydrogen and store hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen ignites more easily than petrol. Given the presence of an oxidizer like oxygen, hydrogen catches fire.

Are the hydrogen cars within the budget?

Though, the prices are little higher than the normal cars, the hydrogen cars keep up to their price. It can be expected that with time, as the people get used to them, the price of the hydrogen cars will lower down.

Since, the technology is new and the adaptation is a bit slow, the hydrogen measuring equipment is not very precise. Which, in turn gives its customers a bonus of filling their tanks to the full without worrying about the price.


With the given key points, the car will certainly convince its customers whether to go for it or not. The fuel efficiency, environment friendly hydrogen cars are the path to a positive future. The one of its kind technology and the driver friendly cars are the qualities that a customer looks out for. Though there are a lesser number of flaws but, we cannot forget the safety of a person which, hydrogen cars lack. The decision is completely of the customer. Everything comes with the some positives and negatives.