You don't need to pay your mechanic $100+ an hour to install a new set of running boards on your Silverado. All Silverado trucks have factory provisions to mount running boards easily.

There are a couple of points you need to consider before buying your new set of running boards. Heeding these suggestions can save you hours of time, money spent on buying/renting special tools, and countless scrapes to your knuckles!

Always look for kits that promise no drilling necessary

This might seem universal, since the Silverado is outfitted with mounting holes at the factory. However, several manufacturers require you drill out and remove the factory mounts in order to use the hardware they provide with their running boards.

Always buy running boards made with stainless steel

Also ensure that the mounting hardware including brackets, bolts, washers and nuts (if applicable) are also high-grade stainless. There are a couple of VERY important reasons for doing this: A) You don't want to replace the boards in a few short years because of rust damage. B) Cheap mounting hardware will rust  that rust will then spread to the frame and rockers of your truck, silently causing irrepairable damage!

Let's Get Started1. Read the instructions that came with your new running board kit to determine the size of sockets and wrenches you'll need to attach the frame and brackets to the truck.

2. If you went with a no drilling necessary kit, move on to step #3. If you decided to disregard the earlier warning about buying a kit that doesn't require extra drilling, you'll need to first drill out the factory mounting nuts located on the frame under the door sills with a 3/8 inch drill bit. Once drilled through, you can break off the remaining part of the welded-on nut with a 14mm socket or wrench.

3. Remove the factory moisture plugs on the rocker panel in the locations specified in the instructions that came with your kit. Install the u-clip nuts provided with your install kit.

4. Install all the brackets required, leaving each of the nut/bolt assemblies loose. It's very important not to tighten anything at this time, as the platform will be much harder, or even impossible to attach if you do this. Also, if your kit includes one-time-use nylon lock nuts, you'll damage them if you have to loosen them off in the next step.

5. Use the mounting hardware provided in your kit to install the running board platform on the brackets. Tighten each nut/bolt assembly until they're almost completely tightened, then do the same with the nut/bolt assemblies from steps #3 and 4.

6. Use a torque-wrench if possible and tighten all fasteners to 8 ft-lbs of torque (or whatever number is detailed in your installation instructions). Most people don't use a torque wrench however. Don't overtighten them!

Looking for Quality Running Boards for Your Silverado?

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