At first you needed a roof rack and then considered on adding a cargo rack. Now you're figuring out how to install this. Most cargo carriers fits well on a vehicles roof rack. Other cargo carriers are made hard and others are made soft-sheltered yet both can be attach to a vehicles Roof rack easily. A cargo manufacturer may come up with its original branded system when it comes to installation mounts, yet almost every cargo maker follows the same basic method.

Since a roof rack offers an extra storage freedom outside your Jeep, car or any automobile. A roof rack with a Cargo rack offers most convenience and safety to any item you don't wish to spill out, get wet or get dirty as you travel.

Now here's a 5 Easy steps to install your Hard Cargo rack or Cargo Carrier to your roof rack.

1 .On your hard cargo carrier, twist the shell on the opposite side (upside down).

2. Turn the wing of your cargo carrier using a screw driver under the clamps which will lead you to opening your preventive clamps.

3. You might need help with this procedure as it can become heavy. Lift your cargo carrier up and settle it onto your roof rack which regularly ready to install on your car.

4. Balance the alignment of the rear clamps to the rear rack bar and front clamps to the front rack by sliding the cargo carrier.

5. Last but not the least, tightening the Cargo. Shove the clamps tightly under the bars and turn the wing screws clockwise tighten.