Whether you like to run it hard and heavy on the trails or stick to the city streets and interstate highways your Jeep TJ (2.5L or 4.0L) will love you for installing a new aftermarket intake. The OEM enclosed air-box design was designed to keep intake noise to a minimum, while offering acceptable performance and fuel economy. Basically, the intake system on your Jeep is made to be a satisfactory compromise; not to give you maximum power and mileage.


Because they're not over-priced like K&N's, or abysmally poor quality like the no-name brands you'll find on Ebay and other online auction sites.

Plus they offer:

  • 30% more airflow over stock numbers
  • An easy 10 14 horsepower gain
  • Up to 24 ft-lbs of torque improvement
  • Easy to clean oil-less design
  • Made to outlast the vehicle
  • Easy-to-install

Follow These Simple Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Start by pre-assembling the aftermarket intake you've chosen.

  • Assemble the cool-air dam panels as shown the instructions.
  • Attach the plastic intake tube to the rubber reducer.
  • Arrange bolts, washers, grommets and clamps so they're easy to find.

2. Detach the old intake box from under the hood of your Jeep.

  • Allow the engine to cool if you've driven your TJ in the last hour!
  • Unsnap the 4 metal clips that attach the top of the filter housing to the base.
  • Carefully remove the temperature sensor from the intake hose (grab tightly and rock it back and forth while pulling on it leave connector attached for easy re-installation.)
  • Remove all breather hoses attached to the stock intake.
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the housing to intake hose from the intake grab hold of the hose where it connects to the intake and twists it until it gives, then pull off.
  • Grab hold of the intake base and twist and pull it until it comes out remove the two bottom rubber OEM grommets.

3. Install new intake.

  • Take your pre-assembled air-dam and put it in place of the OEM unit as shown in the instructions for your particular aftermarket intake.
  • Use the supplied button-head bolts, washers and replacement grommets to attach your new intake to the factory fastener locations.
  • Install the aftermarket intake hose and plenum (with reducer) on the engine intake don't tighten the clamp just yet.
  • Push the temperature sensor into the new plenum.
  • Attach the new plenum to the new housing by snapping it in place and use the provided button-head bolts to secure the plenum in place.
  • Attach the aftermarket filter and tighten both the filter and intake c-clamps at this time.
  • Reattach breather and PCV hoses to new intake.
  • Recheck all your work, then fire the engine up!

We Want to Hear From You!

Make sure you come back and tell us how you made out with your own install. If you have any requests for a How-to you'd like to see in a future post, don't hesitate to ask.