There's nothing more satisfying than doing something to dramatically change the way your truck works, at home, in the garage or driveway.

This particular visual upgrade is inexpensive, and, as you're soon about to learn: it's very easy for the do it yourself to complete.

Difficulty level: Easy Time required: Approximately 30 60 minutes. Tools required: Needle nose pliers or trim removal tool; ratchet; 5in ratchet extension; 10mm socket; medium-sized flathead screwdriver.

Removing the OEM grille:

Start by popping the hood. Ensure the hydraulic hood struts are in good working order before proceeding.

Next, use a pair of needle-nose pliers or trim removal tool to remove the plastic air-deflector tab located on the driver's side of the grille. This tab is attached to a rubber strip that runs down between the inside of the headlight bezel and grille.

Remove the 4 10mm bolts that run along the top of the factory grille. Don't lean on it while you're removing these bolts or you could risk breaking the bottom spring clips and their mount points.

Now the spring clips. Pull the top of the grille back gently (note: if it doesn't move backward, check that you've removed the air deflector tab in step #2, and all 4 bolts in step #3). Look at the bottom of the factory grille as you pull the top toward you, you'll see 5 spring clips holding the bottom of the grille into the top of the bumper. The tops of the clips are white, so they should be easy to find. Using a medium-sized flathead screwdriver, push the top of each spring clip until you hear a “pop” sound indicating the clip has released (note this pop is loud, so don't be squeamise OEM grille should now be removed.

Installing the Billet Grille:

Note: It's recommended that you use rubber gloves when handling your new billet grille. We recommend purchasing the T-Rex Billet Grille​ made specifically for the 2011 2012: F250, 350, and Super-Duty, to ensure exact fitment and maximum visual appeal.

Swap the spring clips from your OEM grille over to the new billet grille (unless the new piece came with new clips pre-installed).

Carefully handle your new billet grille and manoeuver it into place, lining up the spring clips with their mount points on the top of the bumper. Carefully push the clips into place listening for the same tell-tale loud “pop” sound that indicates they're seated.

Install the 4 10mm factory bolts on the top of the grille. Don't overtighten!

Replace the air deflector tab on the left (driver's) side of the new grille.


How Easy Was That?

Please come back to this page and leave a comment once you've completed your installation. Let us know what grille you chose, how easy it was, and about all the compliments you received from your truck-loving pals after you were done.

If you have any other grille removal or install tips for people reading this guide, please chime in and help make everyone's life a little easier. Thanks for stopping by!