There comes a time in every Dodge Ram owner's life when they decide to let their truck realize its true calling. This muscle-bound Ram truck is built to handle any off-road conditions you can throw at it. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you're not left hung up on a rock or overturned tree or deep in the swamp with water up to the bottom of your doors! There are 3 specific upgrades we're going to discuss today. They are the essentials which will immediately give your truck a go anywhere capability that it didn't have when it originally rolled off the production line:

  • 1.Ride Height Adjustment
  • 2.Emergency Winch
  • 3.Exterior Lighting System​

Ride Height Adjustment

The stock ride height of the Ram is only set to handle around 22-30 inch tires (above the stock 20's). The larger you decide to go later, the closer you'll be cutting it with the OEM ride height! It's always better to get your Ram lifted a few extra inches, before choosing a larger tire. Just a few of inches of lift and your Ram will be ready for 30 inch-plus tires. That's what makes it such  a great trail project truck! Please don't bust your bank with air ride just yet. Bigger isn't always better and air ride can cost thousands of dollars. Daystar makes quality lift kits for your Ram that won't break the bank and which are much quieter than the various metal-on-metal kits that you'll find elsewhere. We recommend keeping your lift tamed with a tough, durable Daystar kit 4wd Suspension Combo Kit. If you're not going to exceed 30-inch tires use a leveling kit to pop the front up a bit Suspension Leveling Kit. Lastly, if you don't want to swap your stock or aftermarket shock absorbers, you can purchase a shackle and bumper lift kit, Daystar Suspension Lift Kit.

Emergency Winch

Even with your truck elevated, there's always a chance that you'll find yourself stuck out in the bush somewhere unable to move, miles from home, and far outside the range of the closest tow service. That's what off-roading's all about right? Pushing the boundaries, driving your truck where SUV's and light-duty trucks wouldn't dare! We recommend going with at least a 12,000lb capacity winch, like this 3-Stage Smittybilt Universal. Next, you'll have to decide whether you want to mount to the front or rear bumper or both. Having the ability to switch your winch location between the front and rear is a godsend if you've ever been swamped and the only solid tree you can lash onto is behind your truck when your winch is mounted on the front! Or vice-versa. AutoPartsToys has everything a Dodge Ram off-roading enthusiast could ever want. Take a look at these front and rear winch bumper options. You can also have a custom plate welded to accommodate your winch, but oftentimes it'll cost you just as much to have a plate fabricated as it will upgrade your bumper(s).

 Hid Lights

You can put a lot of thought into the lighting system, but a set of projector lights are exactly what the doctor ordered. Check out this Spyder HID Kit. The OEM lights just won't do when you get out into the darkness and the city lights aren't there to guide your way! Spyder manufactures their HID lighting systems to swap right into the stock location. If not, get ready and we'll see you out there really soon! Don't forget to leave your comments down below. Show off a bit! Tell everyone all about your trail-rig and the upgrades you've done to her.