Every Ford Mustang enthusiast knows that the third-generation Fox Body Stang was the best of them all! A powerful American-built muscle car with a very distinctive and flamboyant European-inspired body design. The Spec-D 1987-1993 Ford Mustang LED Tail Lights are for late-model third-generation Foxes, made to fit exactly like OEM. You can install both brand new bezels by yourself in under an hour, using the stock wiring harness. No modifications need to be made to your vehicle!

OEM Fit Fresh LED Look

Factory lighting systems were designed purely for functionality back when your car was made. In typical original equipment style they used contrasting white, amber and red lenses mixed together, making for visually unsatisfying same old same old look on the rear end of this otherwise impressive sports car. These new LED tail light bezels from Spec-D for the Fox-body classic have done away with the dull OEM lense color-scheme and went with an all red outer lense design. The unique, textured finish still allows for the red (tail/brake), yellow (turn) and white (reverse) LED lights to shine through when the lighting system is activated, without disrupting the exterior visual styling.

About Spec-D

Spec-D has been in business for over a decade, making custom visual upgrades and performance parts for nearly every vehicle on the road since they began. Their motto is OEM fitment without the boring OEM look. They're always releasing new parts that are affordable for anyone looking to change the look and/or performance of their vehicle.

Benefits of Using Aftermarket LED Lighting:

1. Fully DOT and SAE approved.

2. Road legal in every state and most provinces (always check with your local transportation authority before ordering).

3. Hermetically sealed to provide maximum bulb life.

4. Never replace bulbs again! LED's last on average for 30,000 hours. Compare that to 1,000 hours or fewer for the factory-style monochrome bulbs.

5. Lights are much brighter and come to life a split second faster, offering advanced warning to drivers and ensuring increased safety under all driving situations.

6. Aftermarket LED's will make your Fox Body Mustang stand out from the dozens/hundreds of others driving down the same roads as you every day.

7. No modifications to the car to make them fit: no cutting, drilling, wiring, grinding, etc.

8. Money back, satisfaction guaranteed warranty with every Spec-D lighting purchase.