The launch of 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid presents the necessity of refocusing of the sales strategy. They really need to know to whom are they are selling. So what do we know about this car. Fun to drive, Yes it is. Hybrid Yes it is. Good for Going out with family Yes it is. Stylish Interiors Yes it has. Excellent Fuel Economy Sorry .Not any more.

With all these features this car is supposed to be a super hit. OK we do not have excellent fuel economy anymore but that is just one factor. That should be alright if not awesome. Its amazing to see how one con can overcome all other pros and bring forward more cons. For example.... This one looks like a minivan, but without those extra seats.So what happened to the sweet old Cargo space? Optional Infotainment Are you kidding me? And few more started floating on the web. Lets look at few cons first, Cargo space has been compromised to provide Battery space and Passenger space. Yup that is correct no questions here. Looking like minivan but it has no extra seats. Yeah that's correct because it is not a minivan. But why people actually bought it in the first place. Primary reason is wait for it Fuel Economy. Without good Fuel Economy all the cons started glancing through the pros. When drivers saw that promises are not being kept sales dropped. Bringing the hybrid is good as it gives around 27 miles extra but Fuel economy has suffered because of it. So why did they actually launch a hybrid version instead of a Mega C-Max. Toyota hybrids made them do it. In these times of cutting throat competition it is very important for manufactures to have something in every segment. But this is supposed to be done with make things better not by converting strengths into chunks in armor.

Can a focus on Fuel economy bring back sales? It is not just about fuel economy anymore. A complete revamp in perception is required. It will be very difficult to convert all the cons in pros but the basics can still be handled. Like cargo space. A better location of the battery packs can help a lot. They can be moved under the floor or under the seats. Providing a different look will also not hurt. Ford need to re-capture the versatility of the car. So when you read all the features it sounds very tempting but experience has stated otherwise. But if you do not care much about how many miles per gallon you are getting it is still a good car in this price range