Floor mats are normally made from rubber or carpet; the primary function of the floor mat is to keep the car clean from dirt, wear and salt erosion. Most floor mats can be removed for cleaning, some of the floor mats require fixation to keep the floor mat in place. While buying a car you will find the floor mat included as an auto accessory and it is usually made by the selling company. The floor mats come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They may feature spikes, grooves or caps to capture dirt and water, and be made from the synthetic rubber or textile materials. This simple floor mat keeps your car clean and in turn, it maintains the resell value of your car. Today I will discuss one such floor mat which is the of most utter best quality; it is made by Maxliner floor mats for Honda Civic models made from 2012 to 2015. The Maxliner floor mat is very easy to clean even when it comes to the toughest dirt. The reason for is that the Maxliner floor mat can easily be removed for clean and maintenance. The Maxliner floor mat provides all weather protection which is it is resistant to snow, mud, sand, salt water, etc. The Maxliner floor mat uses the Spill Saver Lip technology; this ensures that prevents the spill from reaching carpet which damages the body of the car. The Maxliner floor mat is also made from eco-friendly and low-density polyethylene materials.Normally floor mats are made from normal rubber but the Maxliner floor mat is made from a plastic and rubber blend called polyethylene. This material makes the Maxliner floor mat a bit stiff but this will ensure that the floor mat will not break, crack or splinter over time. The Maxliner floor mat is enough flexible to always keep its form. You can buy the Maxliner floor mat from http://autopartstoys.com/ or you can follow the link directly http://autopartstoys.com/i-20194612-maxliner-2012-2015-honda-civic-sedan-floor-mat-complete-set-black-a0137-b0137.html. The reason why I refer them is because they offer the most discounts on the net. They also provide free shipping for any purchase of over $50.