The automobile company which is creating the most buzz in the industry for the last few years is Faraday. Most of you have never heard of this Faraday Future. Today I will educate the masses about Faraday Future. Faraday Future is a US based company but is backed by China as a global company; Faraday Future mainly plans to make intelligent electric vehicles and provide mobility solutions. Faraday Future started its journey in 2014 and is currently based in California and has over 750 employees globally. In November 2015, Faraday Future announced that they will build their first factory and will spend around $1 billion to make this manufacturing facility. The company had eyes on few states for being their first manufacturing facility states such as California, Georgia, Louisiana, and Nevada. On May 31st, 2016, it was announced that Faraday Future will build their first ever manufacturing plant in Mare Island. Mare Island is a peninsula in the United States in the city of Vallejo, California, about 23 miles northeast of San Francisco. Faraday Future will be the first automobile company in decades to be built in California and it will be millions of dollars in the local economy. Faraday Future plans to launch its first vehicle by 2017 with also plan to make a wider range of vehicle in the long run; Faraday Future also has plans to expand into the automobile and technology sector. In July 2015 some specifications about the Faraday Futures electric vehicle surfaced; the car will have 15 percent higher specific energy than a Tesla Model S, it will utilize a multi-cell solution where both individual cells and groups of cells can be replaced, and it will have a modular design for improved mass-production methods. Head of design Richard Kim in LA Auto Show in November 2015 hinted his interest features such as internet access, in-car entertainment, aromatherapy technology, and ergonomic interior design. The name of the first concept car of Faraday Future is called FFZERO1. At the US Consumer Electronics Show in 4th January 2016, Faraday Future introduced their first single seat race car which will have 1,000 hp (750 kW) and 200 miles per hour top speed (320 km/hr), and it has striking resemblance to the 1960s Batmobile. The first thing which must be mentioned about Faraday Futures FFZERO1 is the user experience software (UX). The UX will display valuable information in an attractively and preemptive manner for drivers safety. The car can also be hooked up with your Smartphones so that it can relay real-time data visualization and interaction. With your Smartphone, you can remotely setup, customized vehicle configurations, and adjustable power outputs. The feature which amazed me the most is the drivers seat; it is a thing of pure beauty and class. The drivers seat designed was inspired by NASA zero gravity design. The seat allows the driver to fell weightlessness; when driving at high speed, the seat will reduce drivers stress significantly. Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors may have been the pioneer in the field of electric cars but look out Mr. Elon Musk you have got competition in the form of Faraday Future concept car. The concept car outshines Tesla models in every aspect of performance to looks.