The Ford Mustang is undoubtedly the greatest muscle car ever built. The only car that can can compete with it is the Chevrolet Camaro. The Chevy Camaro is manufactured by Chevrolet,  an American automobile company.

1. The Original Camaro

The first Chevrolet Camaro went on sale on September 29, 1966.The first model of Chevrolet Camaro was lousy to drive and was heavy and numb even by those standards. The reason for the success of Chevrolet Camaro is credited to its 81 factory options plus 41 dealer accessories thus  guaranteeing there was a Camaro for just about everyone.

2. 1968 Camaro Z/28

A prime example that racing can benefit a car manufacturer is the 1968 Camaro Z/28. The Chevrolet engineers designed it with a heavy duty suspension and brake components which helped the Chevy Camaro win races and get out of the Ford Mustang's shadow.

3. 1969 Camaro ZL-1

The 1969 Camaro ZL-1 is the most beautiful Camaro and it was also considered as one of the most powerful. It had 430 horsepower and weighed 160 pounds less than an iron-block 427. Only 69 of these beauties were ever produced and it is a highly sought after by car collectors.

4. Bumblebee

The fifth generation of Camaro was dubbed 'Bumblebee' and this car was marketed successfully by the 2007 super hit movie Transformers.

5. Pontiac Firebird

Last but not the least is the biggest competitor- the Pontiac Firebird. During the mid to late 1970s, it was perhaps the most famous car ever built. Yes, the Camaro and firebird are the same car. They are built by *different* subsidaries of GM, which internally refers to the Camaro/Firebird as the F-body.


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