My cars always needed me to shift the gears and I looked forward to continuing to do so for whatever length of time possible. But I know someday I'll be compelled to drive a car with my left leg lying idle. By the end of the decade, my favorite manual transmission may never again be an alternative. In the United States, gas-fueled vehicles have been moving far from clutches for a considerable length of time. All car manufacturers are promoting the trend. In any case, the actual Death of the Gearshift will be electric vehicles. As a result of the  design of electric engines, a gearbox is pointless. These autos are equipped for getting to their torque at all circumstances. You don't need to downshift to fourth to get to the additional power required to pass a slowly moving vehicle; you simply step on the accelerator and watch the magic.

 This is the reason Tesla's Ludicrous mode is so incredible. There's no requirement for the driver or an automated transmission to change gears. It's only an eye-popping surge of force until you achieve the maximum speed or apply the brakes. Obviously, not each electric car will be similar to the furious Model S. Hope to see more Chevy Bolts later on - strong, utilitarian cars that will get you to your harbor without the anxiety of running out of electric charge. Actually, that's what everyone wants, and who can blame them? If the SUVs and the coming upsurge of EVs didn't wipe out the manual transmission, gridlock will do it for sure.    With more vehicles on the road, and those motorways not getting any more extensive at any point in the near future, constant traffic is a lifestyle for many Americans. In case you're stuck crawling along the highway for two hours a day, having a car with an automated transmission is an easy decision. Furthermore, to be honest, a great many people simply would prefer not to figure out how to drive a stick shift. Why make driving more troublesome than it already is? thus the death of the gearshift. Yet, for me, the extra control that a manual transmission offers is the reason I love cars. The capacity to accurately control the force of a vehicle as it leaves a corner on a twisty mountain road is something I've loved for quite a long time. The ability to maneuver on one of San Francisco's many hilly slopes without slowing down is a badge of honor. It's fantastic to drive a manual. To me, it's an essential part of the experience. So I'll keep my manual transmission cars for as long as possible. Although, some day I may be encouraged to drop a wad of cash on a cool new electric car!