Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks has all the luxury that life can offer: a picturesque penthouse in downtown NYC, a beautiful wife, a million-dollar plus clothing collection, adoring fans all over the world and tons of great rides!

His car collection is unbelievable! He owns all the latest SUVs, sports cars and luxury sedans; just as anyone would expect from a man that makes over 20 million a year!

His real pride and joy is a custom cherry 1964 Lincoln Continental that he had decked out at Will Castro's Unique Auto sports back in 2008 when he bought it.

Suicide Doors!

The fourth generation Continental that Anthony owns has a unique place in Lincoln's rich history. It was the first (and only) Lincoln luxury car to come with suicide doors. This particular classic sedan has appeared in more mainstream Hollywood movies than any other 60's era Lincoln: e.g., Spider man 2, The Matrix, Last Action Hero, and California. Just to name a few!

Legroom Was a Problem for the 6' 8 Small-Forward

One of the car's main defining features is the impressive rear-seat legroom it offers. Unfortunately, that quality didn't work for Anthony, as it limits the amount of adjustment available to the driver and passenger in the front.

As you can imagine, Carmelo had to call on celebrity car customizes Will Castro, at Unique Auto sports to have some changes made!

When asked what happens when it comes time to give his Nick's teammates a ride and someone has to ride in the backseat behind him, Carmelo says that his wife is the only person who drives in the Continental with him: Nobody ever rides in the backseat,said the 3-time Olympic medalist.

Big Engine!

Original buyers had the option of outfitting their 64' with one of three V8 engines, and Carmelo's has the biggest of them all: it has a fire-breathing 7.6L monster lying under the hood! Obviously miles-per-gallon isn't a concern for the basketball superstar.

Carmelo has also decked the 64 luxury cruiser to suit his own personal tastes:

Blazing blue exterior paint Blue suede and yellow piping for the interior Yellow-tinted windows Legroom adjustment to accommodate his 6' 8 height  22 MHT Bellagio spinners with Dunlop SP Sports attached JL Audio XR650-csi front and rear door speakers Custom JL sub and amp combo

Anthony Says I'll Never Sell Her

Anthony has had the car since is days with the Denver Nuggets (Note: Denver is also where he bought the ride).

He proudly states that he'll never sell the Continental. The car is his absolute pride and joy.

Skip to 4:47 in the YouTube video below, featuring Anthony on an episode of MTV Cribs, and you'll see the continental in all its glory: