There is a saying time and tide wait for no man and that has been the truth for the automobile industry. The cars getting smaller and the baggage we carry are getting bigger. We want the best of both worlds smaller cars and bigger luggage. Thank God someone invented an auto accessory which made this tough task possible. This simple auto accessory is called cargo box. Cargo box allows you to carry bags, equipment, luggage, etc; cargoes box allows you to travel in comfort and tranquility. Just buying any cargo box is not enough; you need to know which type and the size and dimension fits your car best. Don't be a moron and buy the first cargo box you lay your eyes upon. First of all, you need to know if you should buy hard or soft-sided roof cargo box. It all comes down to the type of things you want to carry in your cargo box. Soft sided cargo box is used for light and small things; these cargo boxes are cheap and can be folded. Hard sided cargo box is used for carry heavy equipment and these cargo boxes are bit more expensive. Make sure that you buy a cargo box that fits onto your car perfectly, don't buy any cargo box that will not fit your car. Most of the cargo box now a days have some kind of special features from one another. Some cargo boxes can be opened from both sides; some cargo boxes can be opened from the front side. The most cargo box is very easy to install. Cargo box makes your life easier and will help to travel in luxury because it will maximize your leg space and room in your car. The million dollar question where to buy these auto parts; there are lots of sites to shop from, I personally shop from or Cargo Box you can go to the link directly as I find their pricing the cheapest compared to other sites for most products because they offer 40% off retail prices which means that they offer direct factory warehouse pricing and any purchase over $50 has free shipping. Happy shopping!!!