The world is a living, dynamic organism; everything is changing and adapting at an accelerated rate. Now we have modification, upgrades, and add-on for almost everything. The term Moonshot means anything which is almost entirely impossible to achieve but can be completed and when completed it will reach the highest point of success. That's what happening in the technological world right now. You think of an idea, and the idea will come into reality; as we possess the required technology. Nothing is far fetched for humans anymore. We are living in the technological revolution right now. Its a excellent time to be alive. On their 100 year anniversary in Munich BMW unveiled a concept car called Vision Next 100 and my oh my car is an absolute beauty. One must see the car and believe it. The vision and idea for the car are like something came out of a science fiction movie. The windshield is entirely made of augmented reality, which takes the place of every single dashboard display. The panel is embedded with 800 multi color triangles called Alive Geometry. The multi color triangles communicate with drivers through their gesture and changing color. Suppose a bicycle is coming from a turn and the turn is covered by a truck. You can't see the bicycle approaching and an accident might occur, but the multi color triangles will let the driver know that something is coming the cars way. This will decrease and almost avoid eliminate. There is something called the Boost mode which allows the driver to drive better by drawing an optimal driving line on the windshield. In the Ease mode the car takes over the driving, and the steering wheel retracts. When the Ease mode is activated, the driver seat changes shape in such a way that it makes communication between driver and passengers easier. In the Ease mode the windshield can also be used for entertainment. The most brilliant and earth shattering concept is called Companion. BMW described it like an object which looks like a gemstone. It's like the brain of the car. It learns from the through time and eventually performs routine task and offers advice. Don't be too excited by this car because its not ready for production yet. But the ideas surrounding the car are impressive and reliable. The concept of car will revolutionize the automobile industry for better. The ideas are merely BMW's long-term vision for the automobile industry. The new hotcake in the automobile industry is the concept of self-driven car. Google introduced the first self-driven. But Google is not manufacturing the car for mass production. Tesla Motors have outplayed Google in its own game. Last year Tesla Motors did the unthinkable; they introduced the self driving feature to their cars without any notice. Owners of Tesla cars woke up in the morning and found this feature in their car. When you turn on the self driving mode the car automatically drives itself to its selected destination. People who owned Tesla cars were at first afraid and astonished by this option. They were reluctant to use this option in their car but now its a standard feature for them. Talking about Tesla it also reminds me that the car runs on electricity and guess what some of the cars automatically charges itself without any human help. The charging cable attaches itself to the car automatically and loads the car and when charging is complete, it detaches itself. I think that Tesla Motors will take BMW's concept car idea and make a better version of the car for their own. Tesla Motors and BMW are now the pioneer and trendsetter for the automobile industry. We are living in an interesting time let's hope that the future is even brighter.