Bicycle Rack Easy installation steps Carrying your bike around as you travel on far places can be one of the most rewarding thing to have especially if you own a bike rack. Installing may sound stressful but this will not be the case once you are geared with the precise knowledge to do this. Every vehicles additional parts or accessories are accustomed by manuals and instructions that are easy to follow but we neglect to read unless needed. In this article, I will mention the most general points on how you can install your bicycle rack the easiest way possible.

Rear Bicycle Rack Installation guide

Most bicycle racks are accustomed with 6 straps which will be used to hook into your vehicles small nooks. Lift and hold the bicycles rack so that the grooves of the rack faces outward. This is where you normally settles the bikes. Begin with the trunk open as you all need to hook the edge of the two top straps. In the groove of the space, between the body of the car and the trunk's opening, put the two top straps in. Close the trunk as you finish this procedure. Securely place the four straps through grooves found on the side of the trunk and connect the two left straps on the bumper underneath the trunk.

Secure the Bicycle Racks Bottom strap

Find the second pair of the bottom strap under the trunk and connect it to the next pair. Sometimes you will find this beneath the bumper within the two hooks of the frame.  Ensure that the padding rest in between the trunk and on the bumper.

Final Step, Side Straps!

Repeat process done when you attach the bottom strap. Locate the grooves on the side of your car and connect the edges of each strap. Adjust loose ends by tightening. Once this part is secure, check the top straps and tighten as tightest possible. The rack should be straight and the first bikes Cradle should be higher than the second cradle. Check for straps loose end and roll up to secure. Tuck each straps into any nooks in the rack that is available. Then you're set!