I bet you've heard that a car that runs faster does use more gas than the ones that runs slower. Well the truth is, not all of what you hear are right so stop believing from it all. Would you like to know how you can increase that speed without needing to spend another dime? If yes, this article deserves a good read.

Free flow intake system improves your engine's performance by reducing the restrictions originally inherent in your engine's combustion. It cools down the airflow which increases the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to your combustion chambers. As a free flow intake system develops a wider intake tube and lesser bends, this ensures higher volume of free air flow.

Improves Power Gain

As an engine consumes a large amount of cooler and denser air, your engine enhances the use of fuel and pulls more power out of every cylinder stroke. Abandoning your limited stock intake and switching to many higher-performance air intake systems, you will definitely recognize a huge improvement to your engine horsepower and torque.

Improved Throttle Response

Improving your air flow and combustion advances your car to a much quicker and real time response as you thrust the gas pedal. A free air intake system enhances your air intakes by providing your vehicle some extra drive when passing, advancing at stoplights, and hitting the highway on-ramps. Why settle to your old slow engine combustion when you can have a speedy one?

Better Fuel Economy

An improved engine combustion takes more energy out of every drop of fuel and minimizes the use of it per mile. Maintaining a consistent driving habit to compare your fuel consumption does provide a better analysis on this. Maintain a modest driving style, but as power and vitality grab is required, you can now use some without worrying on spending too much gas consumption.