One of the biggest benefits to owning your Ram 1500, or any truck for that matter, is the cargo-hauling ability offered by its large truck bed. A Ram 1500 can carry close to 2000 pounds with relative ease. The truck bed quickly becomes a liability when Carrying lightweight items that get caught up in the wind easily and blow out when driving at highway speeds. Then there's weather-related problems: pouches, tools, electronics there are plenty of items you want to protect from getting wet (you can always throw valuables in the cab, or carry them indoors when the weather hits, but that can also be a hassle.) Lastly, theft. If people can see it they can steal it.  Depending on your needs, we've outlined 8 ways to secure the rear cargo in your 1500. Most of these products are available right here on Auto Parts Toys at very affordable prices, backed with industry-leading warranties and uncompromising quality in workmanship and materials.

1. Bungee Cords: Bungee cords are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. You can find them at any auto parts retailer or hardware store. They're helpful if you have to secure light-duty items like garbage bags. However, they aren't great for items that weighs more than 20 pounds.

2. Straps: Straps can come in a variety of strengths. They're great for holding down larger equipment, like compressors, tool boxes, furniture and appliances. Always check the load-capacity. Consider buying a ratcheting design if you're carrying equipment that exceeds 225kg. We carry a lineup of rugged Rhino Rack tie-down straps that are just what the doctor ordered.

3. Tarp: Tarps aren't really the best option for most jobs. However, if you're transporting loose leaves or hauling trash bags to the dump then they're just fine. Tarps also work great for loose sand, gravel, soil, etc., as they keep the wind from catching and blowing stuff all over the road. They're great for once-in-a-while jobs, but they do require rope to tie down and tend to rip easily.

4. Cargo Net: A flexible cargo net is another great option for carrying light cargo like trash. They're more durable, flexible, and easy to set up than a tarp. Of course, if you have expensive items underneath it, people will be able to see them. Cargo nets don't offer any protection against the weather either.

5. Storage Container: Containers come in all shapes and sizes. Large storage containers can be purchased from Walmart that are both weather-proof and durable. They can hold a lot of weight too. You'll still need bungees or straps to hold them down to keep them from sliding. Theft is also a real concern if you don't have a locking tonneau or truck cap to keep people out.

6. Job Box: Job boxes can be portable, or permanently mounted somewhere in the truck bed (usually cross-bed behind the cap, or fixed on the sides of the bed). They keep your tools and other cargo safe from the weather and prevent prying eyes from seeing what's inside. Though heavyweight boxes are harder to steal, if someone wants to take it they'll find a way. A fixed, permanent box is a great idea for theft and weather protection. Don't skimp on price. Buy quality heavy-duty brands with durable locking-mechanisms, like the Tradesman lineup sold right here on Auto Parts Toys.

7. Cap: The cap and tonneau are both great options. A truck cap can be locked and keeps the wind and weather out. However, they aren't for everyone. They need to be removed to transport larger items like furniture and appliances. Removal isn't easy and takes more than one person. And they do change the look of the truck if you like the sleek sporty look of your truck without one. A good brand will start at around $1000 and can go up well into the thousands.

8. Tonneau Cover: Tonneaus are the way to go for pretty much any purpose. They keep your cargo safe from the weather (including wind, rain, snow, etc.) and theft, and are very durable if you buy a quality brand. You can buy them in a solid, one-piece panel, but we recommend going with a folding three-piece design. If you're in the market, Auto Parts Toys stocks the BAKFlip F1 Tonneau. It's made specifically to fit your (Regular, Quad Crew, or Mega Cab) 1500 Ram.