Sure your Wrangler's practical, but that's not why you bought it, Regardless of your year or model (YJ or TJ) you bought your baby cause you wanna be different, right You're a unique individual and you want everyone to know it. Very practical visual accessory upgrades for your Jeep Wrangler each of the parts described below require very little mechanical inclination and can install in under an hour. We've made some suggestions about specific manufacturers you should consider, that are offered on our site, but the decision's always in your hands. Research every part (and the companies who make them) before pulling out your wallet.

1. Tubular Front Bumper

If you want to add a feel to the front of your 4X4 Jeep without breaking the bank, take a minute to check out the very affordable units offered by Body Armor. Always choose a model with provisions for a winch and fog lights so you don't have to weld and drill later on. Tubes not only look good, they protect your front end while off-roading around trees and rocks or when you have to give one of your buddies a little out of a muck hole or swamp!

2. Stainless Steel Hood Kit

Time takes its toll on any painted surface. The high-heat from the engine area causes hood accessories like the hinges and footman to rust, making an otherwise beautiful 4X4 look very tired and unsightly. Stainless doesn't rust like the OEM fixtures do. Buy a polished or black powder coated stainless hinge and footman kit and you'll never worry about rust again and they'll really make the front end of your vehicle pop. If you're in the market, Smittybilt makes really affordable, weather resistant hood accessory kits made to last forever.

3. Aftermarket Tail Lights

Quality aftermarket tail lights, such as those sold by market leaders like Winjet are about the easiest visual upgrade you can give your Jeep 4X4. There are at least a dozen different colors and color combos to choose from as well. If you're feeling really bold, consider adding a pair of Winjet LED Chrome Clears these gorgeous lights are unique, affordable and will make your Jeep easier for other drivers to see at long distances either on the road or in the bush!

4. Tonneau Cover

Tonneaus are a great option if you own a soft top Wrangler. Just fold down, or remove the rear seats and viola: your Jeep is transformed into a sexy two-seater! Tonneaus come in hard or soft models. Soft is by far the most practical they're easier to remove when you need room for extra passengers. A good tonneau cover will prevent the cargo area from becoming a massive wind-catch that robs you of fuel and horsepower. Not to mention protecting your gym gear or other cargo from the elements. Check out Truxedo's Half Cab Low Pro QT lineup. If you're a Harley-Davidson fan, they also have a specially-embossed version just for you!

5. Roof Racks

A good set of roof racks can really add that Beach Boys California Dreamin look to any Wrangler. Not only do they look great, they protect your roof from scuff marks. Buy chrome or black to match your paint job and or other accessories. If you want a roof rack for purely practical purposes: buy a set of low-pro Removable Resin Tops from Rhino Rack that can be taken off and stored in the cargo area when you're not using them.