Chevy hasn't spared any expense in the manufacture of their Corvette lineup throughout the years. Spending upwards of $70,000 for a sports car gives all of us a reasonable amount assurance that the 6+ liter engine under the hood doesn't need much help to make 500-650bhp! Still, the LS power-plant (super-charged or N/A) can easily benefit from a few weaks and mods to put a few more at its disposal. One of the easiest upgrades that you can do yourself, right in your driveway or even a cramped parking space, is a cold air intake system. In case you're curious why you'd even bother, keep reading. Autopartstoys wants you to make an informed decision before you do anything to your classic or sure-to-be classic 'Vette'.

1. Fuel Economy Seriously, you ask yourself. Do these guys at Autopartstoys really think I care about fuel economy?. I'm driving a Corvette for crying out loud! We get it, we really do. But a little gas spared (avg: 5-10%) will not only save you cash at the pumps, it'll save just a little more of our precious natural resources. Especially if you're just feathering the throttle, cruising with the top down, in no hurry to get anywhere. This may not be your top reason for selecting a CAI, but combined with the other benefits you're gonna wonder why you don't have one installed already.

2. Cooler Engine Temps The LS motor is a fire-breathing beast! When you get all that horsepower under the hood of a production-model sports car, heat is always going to be a factor. The more air flow going in to your engine, the cooler it will run. This might seem contradictory, since air and fuel mix to create fire (one would guess more fire equals more heat.) But the average LS (depending on generation) is pulling at least 200cfm through the intake, stock. A CAI can give you a boost of up to 50 -70cfm. That's a lot of extra cool air going through your motor!

3. More Power Spend a half an hour installing one of these beauties and you'll score an extra 20 - 30 horsepower, near the same amount of torque to the wheels. Since the Corvette is one of the heavier sports cars, you probably don't need anyone to tell you how beneficial the extra torque will be at the track, or on the street. The extra air getting into your engine means fuel is burned more efficiently. As a result, you won't have to stomp the throttle as hard to get the same response, and more giddy-up at the top end.