ZROADZ Noise Cancelling Wind Diffuser Aluminum Bolt-on No Drilling Required 40 Inch Universal similar style Straight LED Light Bar Black Z330040S | AutoPartsToys


  • Noise Cancelling Wind Diffuser
  • Patented Design
  • Designed to work with most standard LED light bars
  • Eliminate annoying wind noise caused by the airflow passing around the light bar
  • Aluminum
  • Bolt-on, cutting or drilling required
  • Powdercoated gloss black finish
  • Limited lifetime product warranty, 3 year warranty on the finish
  • Manufactured by ZROADZ Off Road Products in Corona, California. Made in USA
  • Product covered by US Patent No. 10,525,872
ZROADZ Patented Noise Cancelling Wind Diffusers provide an easy method to silence noisy roof mounted light bars. The rivet installation process is designed to work with most standard heat sink LED light bars and will virtually eliminate wind noise caused by the airflow passing around the light bar. ZROADZ wind diffusers are a must have for any roof mounted LED light bar. ZROADZ Wind Diffusers are designed and made in USA and protected by United States Patent No. 10,525,872.





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