• Full length replacement coil springs add additional ride height while maintaining ride quality.
  • Heavy-duty track bar re-centers front axle, adds strength and limits lateral movement.
  • High-strength, 1/4" steel construction corrects caster, improves tire clearance, and maximizes ground clearance.
  • High-strength, black e-coated U-bolts.
  • Rear lift block and longer U-bolts for easy installation and level stance.

Quick Specs:

  • Front Lift Height 4"
  • Rear Lift Height 5"
  • Front Lift Method Radius Arm Drop
  • Rear Lift Method Cast Blocks
  • Lift Type Lift Kit
  • Wheel Size 17 x 9
  • Back Spacing 4.5"
  • Max Tire Size 35 x 12.5
  • Wheel Size 2 18 x 9
  • Back Spacing 2 4.5"
  • Max Tire Size 2 35 x 12.5
  • Wheel Size 3 20 x 9
  • Back Spacing 3 4.5"
  • Max Tire Size 3 35 x 12.5
  • Is Adjustable No
  • Finish Powdercoat
  • Metal Cutting Required No
  • Accommodates Factory Wheels See Notes
  • Welding Required No


  • All Necessary Mounting / Installation Hardware
  • Coil Springs
  • Rear Lift Block & U-Bolt Kit
  • Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
  • Track Bar
  • Radius Arms

Important Notes:

  • Check Your Rear Springs: If your vehicle is equipped with both a stock 4" rear block and a top mounted overload/helper spring, select the longer 18.5" Rear U-Bolts.
  • Factory wheels fit when paired with factory / original equipment tire size.
  • Fitment This kit is not designed for dually models, but may me easily adapted to accommodate your truck. Please contact customer support and they will help you find a solution.
  • Lift Block Selection: This lift will require replacing your truck€™s factory rear block to achieve a level stance; total height gained will vary depending on the size of the factory block.
  • Mod's Required: Exhaust modification may be required to clear the front driveshaft on gas models. See installation instructions for more information.
  • Two-piece rear drive shaft? Add a carrier bearing drop kit to reduce post-lift driveline angles and avoid / eliminate driveshaft vibration.


Elevate your truck€™s status with this 4" Radius Arm Lift Kit that will let you clear those 35" tires. This kit has everything you need to give you the ride you want and the look that€™s going to turn heads. Fits Diesel 4WD 2008 - 2010 Ford F-250 / F-350.

Brand: Zone OffRoad

  • 2008-2010 Ford F-250 F-350



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