Note: Free Shock Boot Covers


  • Black Shock Boot Covers, To Protect Shock From Dust and Debris Included Free Of Charge With This Purchase.
  • Four new Zone coils are included that are capable of being fully smashed down and they will always come back to their original height.
  • Rear extended sway bar links are included. These links come with urethane bushings to increase performance and reduce body roll.
  • A front adjustable track bar is included to properly center the front axle.
  • A rear upper tri-link spacer is included
  • A minimal transfer case drop is supplied to correct the driveline angle while maintaining as much ground clearance as possible.
  • 2in bump stop extensions are included to protect your vehicle while still greatly increasing wheel travel
  • New massive front lower control arms with factory like rubber bushings
  • The system is completed with 4 new Zone shocks that are specifically valved for your WJ to perform well both on and off road.


  • Vehicles equipped with V8 may not achieve stated lift height.
  • AWD models may require front drive line modification.
  • Some vehicles may experience front wheel shimmy that is attributable to the OE design. Specific tire and wheel combinations may induce steering shimmy. In most cases, alignment and/or tire and wheel changes will correct this problem. Zone Offroad assumes no incurred expenses associated with the correction of this problem.

Quick Specs

  • Front Lift Height: 4 Inch
  • Front Lift Method: Coil Springs
  • Rear Lift Height: 3-1/2 Inch
  • Rear Lift Method: Coil Springs
  • Install Time Hrs: 4
  • Difficulty Level 1-5: 3
  • Wheel Size: 16 x 8
  • Back Spacing: 4.5 - 6 Inch
  • Max Tire Size: 31 Inch x 10.50 Inch

This 4in WJ system offers dramatic improvement in both ground clearance as well as wheel travel. The system uses made in the USA coils springs that are designed not to sag. The new massive lower control arms not only correct front alignment but include factory like rubber bushing to absorb the road. This system comes with a small transfer case drop to correct driveline angles. A heavy duty front adjustable track bar is used to center the front axle. The rear used an upper A-arm spacer to ensure the factory joint does not get maxed out through wheel travel. Check out some of our competitors and you will find that most don't include both lower control arms and the rear a-arm spacer at the price offered by Zone Offroad. With 4in of lift, you can clear those 31's with room to twist as well as use your Jeep for a daily driver. The system is available with Zone hydro or nitrogen charged shocks. Customer Testimonial: inI just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the 4in WJ lift kit you offer. First off, I'd like to say THANK YOU! for offering such a complete lift kit at incredibly competitive prices. Not only that, I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the items included in the kit. I've been involved with the WJ platform for about 10 years now, and as I'm sure you all know, it doesn't receive the same aftermarket support as other Jeep platforms do. About 6 years ago, we lifted my wife's '03 WJ and used one of the only companies available at the time. For a 3in lift we spent over $1K by the time we got done adding everything needed to lift a WJ 'right'. Fast forward to a few months ago and I happened to find a WJ for myself and decided to lift it. I was dead set on using the same components we used for my wife's Jeep, that is until I stumbled on your kit. I was a bit skeptical at your low price, knowing how much it costs to lift a WJ the right way, but after finding a couple of reviews on (of which I've been a long time member) that were positive, I decided to go for it. Wow! Am I glad I decided to give your kit a try! The ride is excellent, the shocks are surprisingly smooth (I opted for the Nitro shock upgrade), and the track bar bushings are amazing! I spent $60 for super stiff track bar bushings from one of your competitors to put in the JKS track bar that is installed on my wife's WJ. Also, the springs netted me a little more than 4.5in of lift up front and right on 4.5in of lift out back, and that's with reusing my well worn factory spring isolators. I likely would have ended up over 5in with fresh isolators! I've included a photo of my WJ as it sits on 18in JK Sahara takeoffs w/the factory 255/70/18 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S tires: I haven't had a chance to stretch its' legs off road yet, but I can't wait to get out there and see how this kit runs. Thanks again, and keep up the great work! Regards, Drew

  • UPC: 655623718490
  • Brand: Zone OffRoad
  • 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ



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