Customized design will give your auto a distinctive look:

  • The lights transform the entire appearance of your vehicle to a more attractive and unique one, allowing your ride to stand out and get noticed.

Highly efficient illumination for maximum driving safety:

  • Projector lenses ensure more even and concentrated light distribution, providing better visibility and safer driving experience.

Designed as a direct-fit replacement:

  • Elaborately engineered to fit seamlessly into your specific vehicle, these headlights can be installed without breaking a sweat.

Comply with all legal and quality standards:

  • Approved by SAE and comply with DOT regulations and FMVSS 108 to offer the ultimate value and the latest performance. 

Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights (CHWJ-0382C-B-NV) by Winjet®, 1 Pair. Black housing, clear lens. With Chrome Trim. Bulb: H7 low beam 12V/55W (included), H1 high beam 12V/55W (included). Swap out those old-fashioned and faded factory lights that are far from safe and appealing. Enhance your vehicle’s front-end appearance and make a shiny statement with these headlights by Winjet. They are crafted for your specific vehicle utilizing premium grade materials to deliver uncompromising performance and a seamless fit.

The cars we drive today have come a pretty long way since they were first introduced. From those early days, many technological and design innovations have greatly contributed to the appearance and performance of the vehicles. There is not a single car component that would not get the attention of their makers. And, of course, such important parts as headlights were not an exception. They have come through a lengthy 'surgery' to look and perform as good as they do today. Cars now move significantly faster than they did before, so they need much brighter headlights. Winjet knows that for sure and that is why all their lighting products feature superior illumination and energy performance. 

Winjet headlights are manufactured with the use of the highest grade materials to be durable enough to withstand both the rigors of the road and the test of time. They won't dim into nothingness when you need them most. These lights incorporate the latest in technology and style to overhaul your vehicle with a modern, aggressive look as well as increase your visibility. In addition, the headlights offer plug and play installation, meaning there are no modifications needed. Since mounting these headlights is a bit more complex than tail lights, professional installation may be required to ensure a great fit and excellent function. Upgrade to a pair of Winjet headlights today and make sure that their quality and beauty is not a myth. No more guessing games. It's time to release your automobile's true potential.

Brand: Winjet Lights

  • 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500



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